Attackers Abusing Microsoft and AWS Public Cloud Services to Spread RATs

Attackers Abusing Microsoft and AWS Public Cloud Services to Spread RATs - Cybersecurity news
Cisco Talos unearthed a new malware campaign involving variants of three RATs, namely NetWire, Nanocore, and AsyncRAT, spreading via public cloud infrastructure. The attackers have used complex code and secured malware using several layers of obfuscation. The campaign targets entities based in coun ... Read More

Russian FSB Takes Down REvil Ransomware Gang

Russian FSB Takes Down REvil Ransomware Gang - Cybersecurity news
A major crackdown on cybercriminals in Russia as authorities arrested members of the REvil group, infamous for a supply chain attack against Kaseya, and a ransomware attack against JBS Foods. Police arrested 14 alleged members of the group by raiding at 25 addresses in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and s ... Read More

GootLoader Targets Law and Accounting Firms

GootLoader Targets Law and Accounting Firms - Cybersecurity news
eSentire analysts found GootLoader operators attacking three law firms and one accounting firm and downloading malicious business agreements and other documents. One of the hacker's malicious website was found hosting 150 rogue pages for users searching for intellectual property and postnuptial agr ... Read More

CISA Warns Federal Agencies to Patch Old Vulnerabilities

CISA Warns Federal Agencies to Patch Old Vulnerabilities - Cybersecurity news
The CISA added 15 vulnerabilities to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog, three of which need to be remediated by federal civilian agencies before January 24. The list contains known vulnerabilities in multiple products from various vendors, including Oracle, Hikvision, FatPipe, VMware ... Read More

New Zealand: Kings Plant Barn the latest retailer hit by FlexBooker click-and-collect data breach

Kings Plant Barn has contacted customers about a security breach to FlexBooker, the internet-based system it uses to organize bookings. Names, email addresses, and collection times were exposed.

Cybercriminals Using QR Codes to Steal Money and Credentials from Victims

The bureau’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), issued a general alert Tuesday about “malicious” QR codes that reroute unsuspecting consumers to the world of cybercrime.

NATO, Ukraine Sign Deal to 'Deepen' Cyber Cooperation

NATO on Monday inked a deal to bolster its cyber support for Ukraine, after a sweeping hacking attack against Kyiv heightened tensions amid fears that Russia could be plotting an invasion.

Zoom vulnerabilities impact clients, MMR servers

Project Zero found two flaws, a buffer overflow issue that impacted both Zoom clients and Zoom Multimedia Routers (MMRs), and the other was an information leak security flaw central to MMR servers.

1Password Raises Mammoth $620 Million Funding Round

The new financing round, which was led by ICONIQ Growth, raised the valuation of 1Password to about $6.8 billion, setting a new record for venture-backed Canadian companies.

Nigerian police, Interpol arrest members of SilverTerrier BEC gang

Interpol said that, based on a forensic analysis of the data extracted from phones and computers seized during house searches, the 11 suspects were linked to attacks on more than 50,000 targets.

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