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Neurology Practice Notifies 363,000 Individuals That PHI Was Posted on Dark Web

An Indiana neurology practice is notifying nearly 363,000 individuals that their sensitive information was compromised in a recent ransomware attack - and that some of their data was posted on the dark web.

Update: Aetna Reports 326,000 Affected by Mailing Vendor Hack

In a statement provided to Information Security Media Group on Tuesday, Aetna says the affected information may have included names, addresses, dates of birth, and limited medical information.

Israeli Security Companies CrowdStrike Could Buy for $2B

A report from Israeli financial newspaper Globes that CrowdStrike plans to spend $2 billion buying one or more Israeli cybersecurity companies is sending shockwaves through the industry.

Hacking Incidents at Two Vendors Affect Nearly 1.5 Million and Counting

One incident involves Avamere Health Services LLC, a business associate providing IT services to healthcare entities. The other originates with OneTouchPoint, a company providing printing and mailing services to health insurers.

Keys to LockBit's Success: Self-Promotion, Technical Acumen

When the Conti ransomware brand imploded earlier this year, the big question was who would seize its position and become the world's worst - or best, depending on perspective - criminal encryption gang. One clear winner has emerged: LockBit.

US Credit Unions to Come Under Cyber Incident Reporting Rule

U.S. federal credit union regulators plan to impose new cybersecurity incident reporting requirements, including a duty to relay reports of cyber incidents experienced by third-party vendors.

Settlements Reached In 2 Large Healthcare Hack Lawsuits

Settlements in class action lawsuits filed in the aftermath of two separate major breaches serve as the latest examples of threats and risks involving email hacks - as well as underlining the threat of litigation in the wake of such incidents.

ePlus Acquires Future Com to Strengthen Security Operations

A Washington, D.C.-area technology services giant purchased a boutique security services provider to strengthen its security operations strategy and support around managed services.

Privitar Acquires Regulatory Intelligence Provider Kormoon

The company plans to use Kormoon's codified repository of data privacy rules across 46 jurisdictions globally to inform and automate policies on Privitar's data provisioning platform, says co-founder and CEO Jason du Preez.

India Calls for Stricter Actions Against Cybercriminals

In a Saturday meeting with northwestern state officials, Home Affairs Minister Amit Shah said New Delhi will collaborate with states on a strategy even as he urged local governments to take strict action against cybercriminals.

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