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SideCopy APT Targets India's Premier Defense Research Agency

SideCopy APT traditionally uses spear phishing as its method to gain initial entry. Emails in the latest campaign purportedly contain research material about military technologies sent as attachments.

Splashtop Buys Foxpass to Bring Enterprise IAM to the Masses

Remote access provider Splashtop has acquired the server and network access management vendor Foxpass to get better visibility across co-managed and multi-tenant environments.

NYC Special Needs Students' Records Found Exposed on Web

Tens of thousands of documents containing personal information of special education students within New York City's public school system were held in an unsecured database exposed to the internet.

Chinese Hackers Targeting Security and Network Appliances With Custom Backdoors

Chinese hackers exploited a critical Fortinet bug and used custom networking malware to steal credentials and maintain network access, according to Mandiant. Victims include defense, telecom, and technology firms, as well as government agencies.

Vendor Faces Lawsuit in Wake of an Apparent 'Royal' Attack

A healthcare revenue cycle management software vendor is facing a proposed class action lawsuit in the aftermath of a December 2022 data exfiltration attack affecting nearly 251,000 patients.

Update: CHS to Notify One Million in Breach Linked to Software Flaw

CHS has been working "diligently" to determine an accurate number of individuals affected by the Fortra Incident, both overall and for the state of Maine, the report to the attorney general says.

US Senators Aim to Block Foreign Tech That Poses Threat

Analysis in 2021 by The Citizen Lab concluded that TikTok collects types of data similar to what other social media platforms collect - and also said that "the general privacy standards for social platforms is not a high bar."

Phishing Campaign Targets Job Seekers, Employers

Threat actors are exploiting the ongoing economic downturn using job-themed phishing and malware campaigns to target job seekers and employers to steal sensitive information and hack company recruiters.

US Cybersecurity Strategy Shifts Liability Issues to Vendors

A new federal strategy to make manufacturers liable for insecure software requires an attainable safe harbor policy and could be a disincentive for them in sharing important vulnerability info with the government, according to industry observers.

Nigerian Citizen Gets 11-Year US Federal Sentence for Global BEC Scam

A leader of an international crime network that attempted to launder more than $25 million in fraudulently obtained funds, including through business email compromise, received a sentence of more than a decade in prison.

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