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Massive Attack Campaign Uses YouTube to Deliver Password-Stealing Malware

When installed, the malware will communicate with a Command & Control server, where it waits for commands to execute by the attacker, which could entail the running of additional malware.

Google launches Android Enterprise bug bounty program

Google announced the launch of its first bug bounty program for Android Enterprise with rewards of up to $250,000. This builds on the introduction of several security enhancements in Android 12.

Cybercriminals Hide RAT Malware as Adult Game to Infect Users via Webhards and Torrents

The attackers are using easily obtainable malware such as njRAT and UDP RAT, wrap them in a package that appears like a game or other program, and then upload them on WebHard.

Cybercrime matures as hackers are forced to work smarter

An analysis by Kaspersky of 500 hacking incidents across a wide range of industries has revealed trends that characterize a maturity in the way hacking groups operate today.

Financially Motivated Hacking Gang Creates Fake Firm to Hire Pentesters for Ransomware Attacks

The FIN7 hacking group is attempting to join the highly profitable ransomware space by creating fake cybersecurity companies that conduct network attacks under the guise of pentesting.

Nine arrested for impersonating bank clerks to steal from the elderly

The scenario that was presented to victims is that their accounts have been hacked, and so for reasons of safety, they needed to transfer whatever remaining money they had to a secure 'vault account'.

New Gummy Browsers Attack Lets Hackers Capture Digital Fingerprints and Launch Browser Spoofing Attacks

A digital fingerprint is associated with a particular user based on the user's IP address, browser and OS version, installed apps, active add-ons, cookies, and even how they move their mouse or type.

About 26% of all malicious JavaScript threats are obfuscated

A research that analyzed over 10,000 samples of diverse malicious software written in JavaScript concluded that roughly 26% of it is obfuscated to evade detection and analysis.

Zerodium wants zero-day exploits for Windows VPN clients

In a short tweet today, exploit broker Zerodium said that it is looking to acquire zero-day exploits for vulnerabilities in three popular virtual private network (VPN) service providers on the market.

LightBasin Hacking Group Breaches 13 Global Telecom Providers in Two Years

Since 2019, the group hacked into more than a dozen telecommunication companies and maintained persistence through custom malware, to steal data that would serve intelligence organizations.

Defend Against Threats with Cyber Fusion

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