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Canon hit by Maze Ransomware attack, 10TB data allegedly stolen

BleepingComputer was told by Maze that their attack was conducted this morning when they stole "10 terabytes of data, private databases etc" as part of the attack on Canon's cloud storage service.

Hackers can abuse Microsoft Teams updater to install malware

Microsoft Teams can still double as a Living off the Land binary (LoLBin) and help attackers retrieve and execute malware from a remote location.

Interpol: Lockbit ransomware attacks affecting American SMBs

American medium-sized companies are actively targeted by LockBit ransomware operators according to an Interpol report on the impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on cybercrime around the world.

WastedLocker ransomware abuses Windows feature to evade detection

To bypass detection by anti-ransomware solutions, WastedLocker includes a routine that opens a file, reads it into the Windows Cache Manager, and then closes the original file.

FBI sees surge in online shopping scams, FTC says most reports ever

According to an FTC report from July detailing shady sellers who never send ordered items, the number of online shopping scam reports have constantly increased every year since 2015.

Zello resets all user passwords after data breach

Zello states that they discovered unauthorized activity on one of its servers on July 8, 2020. During this, the hacker may have accessed the email addresses and hashed passwords of Zello accounts.

Netwalker ransomware earned $25 million in just five months

The Netwalker ransomware operation has generated a total of $25 million in ransom payments since March 1st according to a new report by McAfee.

Newsletter plugin bugs let hackers inject backdoors on 300K sites

Wordfence researchers spotted a reflected Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) flaw and a PHP Object Injection vulnerability that were both patched by Newsletter's developers on July 17 with version 6.8.3.

Havenly discloses data breach after 1.3M accounts leaked online

Havenly, a US-based interior design web site, has disclosed a data breach after a hacker posted a database containing 1.3 million user records for free on a hacker forum.

Bypassing Windows 10 UAC with mock folders and DLL hijacking

A new technique uses a simplified process of DLL hijacking and mock directories to bypass Windows 10's UAC security feature and run elevated commands without alerting a user.

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