Could the German International Arrest Warrant Against a GRU Hacker Prompt European Sanctions?

For the first time in response to a state-sponsored cyber operation, Germany’s federal prosecutor issued an international arrest warrant in early May for a Russian national.

Questioning China’s Politicization of Cyber Intelligence During Pandemic

Chinese intelligence reporting is problematic at best in the absence of visibility into the relationships between these firms and the Chinese government and the incentives that they create.

Brazil-EU Cyber Cooperation: Swinging Bridges on the Road to Stability in Cyberspace

Cyber cooperation between Brazil and the EU has expanded considerably in the past decade from an initial focus on digital economy and trade issues to cybercrime and cybersecurity.

Message to Cybercriminals: Hospitals Are Off-Limits

The criminal community should understand that if the United States is able to attribute Chinese espionage operations to real names and faces, it can do the same for them.

Defend Against Threats with Cyber Fusion

Cyware is the leading provider of cyber fusion solutions that power threat intelligence sharing , end-to-end automation and 360-degree threat response.

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