Researchers find similarities between NotPetya, attacks on Ukrainian government websites

The malware that wiped dozens of government computer systems in Ukraine starting on Jan. 13 shares some strategic similarities to the NotPetya wiper that was used to attack Ukraine in 2017.

Cybercriminals Using QR Codes to Steal Money and Credentials from Victims

The bureau’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), issued a general alert Tuesday about “malicious” QR codes that reroute unsuspecting consumers to the world of cybercrime.

Ransomware isn’t always about gangs making money. Sometimes it’s about nations manufacturing mayhem.

Studies from Microsoft and CrowdStrike recently found that Iranian hackers tied to Tehran had been conducting ransomware attacks that weren’t about making money, but instead disrupting their enemies.
January 14, 2022

Ukrainian authorities arrest suspected ransomware ringleader

Police in Ukraine has said they broke up a ransomware gang allegedly responsible for extorting more than 50 companies across Europe and the U.S. for more than $1 million.

Chinese Hacker Group Uses Log4j Exploit to Target Academic Institution

A Chinese hacker group known for industrial espionage and intelligence collection used a vulnerability in Log4j to go after a large academic institution, researchers at CrowdStrike revealed Wednesday.

CISA, Five Eyes Issue Security Guidance to Help Organizations Counter Log4Shell Attacks

The US CISA released an advisory offering vendors and affected organizations a detailed guide on dealing with potential risks to IT and cloud services posed by an exploit in Apache Log4j’s library.

National cyber resilience requires closer integration of public and private efforts

Beyond intel sharing, the government and industry must boost sharing of best practices, and help each other implement these playbooks, especially for entities that support national critical functions.

Romanian ransomware suspect arrested in joint Europol, FBI operation

A Romanian man accused of using ransomware to hack high-profile organizations and companies was arrested Monday as part of a joint operation between the Romanian National Police, the FBI, and Europol.

Telehealth app is fixing a leak that exposed patient data to Facebook, Google

The telehealth platform is fixing an issue that allowed three third-party firms to access the names of some patients’ providers, the company told CyberScoop after it notified them of the problem.

'Shiba Inu' token scams surge with the virtual currency's popularity

When the Shiba Inu token, a meme-based virtual currency, hit its highest all-time value in October, it didn’t take long for scammers to seize on the trend for their own benefit.

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