Scammers are using fake Microsoft 11 installers to spread malware

Security firm Kaspersky has warned that crooks were exploiting people overeager to get their hands on the Microsoft operating system update, due for fall release, with fake installers.

Cryptographers unearth vulnerabilities in Telegram's encryption protocol

An international team of computer scientists and researchers reported that they found four cryptographic security vulnerabilities in the popular encrypted message app Telegram.

US government launches plans to cut cybercriminals off from cryptocurrency

The updates on the White House’s plan to tackle ransomware comes on the heels of the third major ransomware attack to pose a serious threat to the U.S. national security in as many months.

Researchers find big flaw in a Schneider Electric ICS system popular in building systems, utilities

A vulnerability in Schneider Electric computer control systems popular in heating, air conditioning and other building systems could allow hackers to take control of them, researchers at Armis warned.

Jack Cable, Stanford student and cyber whiz, aims to crowdsource ransomware details

The Stanford University student and security researcher Jack Cable launched a project dubbed “Ransomwhere” to track payments to bitcoin addresses associated with known ransomware gangs.

How REvil evolved into a ransomware collective capable of extorting Kaseya, JBS

Before claiming responsibility for a breach at the software company Kaseya, the group accounted for less than 10% of known ransomware victims, according to the threat intelligence firm Recorded Future. Now, it accounts for 42%.

Suspected Chinese Hackers Target Telecommunications, Research Institutions in Taiwan, Nepal, and the Philippines

A suspected Chinese state-sponsored group is targeting telecommunications organizations in Taiwan, Nepal and the Philippines, researchers at Recorded Future’s Insikt Group said in a report Thursday.

Pentagon Office Left Military Designs for Body Armor, Vehicle Gear Unsecured Online

The office in charge of the U.S. military’s 3D printing left designs for defense technology vulnerable to theft by hackers and adversaries, according to a DODIG report made public on Wednesday.

Ransomware group 'Hades' claims more victims as investigators seek answers

The Hades ransomware group, which is involved in big game hunting against billion-dollar companies, has claimed to have hit at least seven victims since its discovery late last year.

Craig Newmark Philanthropies donated $450k to boost anti-ransomware coalition

The Institute for Security and Technology received a $450,000 donation from Craig Newmark Philanthropies to continue its work combatting ransomware, the organization shared first with CyberScoop.

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