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US Sets Up Multiagency Initiatives to Curb Ransomware

The U.S. is setting up a Joint Ransomware Task Force, headed by the CISA and the FBI, as well as two international initiatives, chaired by the Department of Justice, to tackle illegal cryptocurrency activities related to ransomware.

Ransomware-as-a-Service Operator AvosLocker Claims Data Theft from Another Healthcare Entity

In its most recent assault against a healthcare entity, ransomware-as-a-service operator AvosLocker claims to be behind an attack allegedly involving data theft from Texas-based CHRISTUS Health.

Russia Says It's Seen 'Unprecedented' Level of Cyberattacks

The Russia's Ministry of Digital Development reportedly says that previous distributed denial-of-service attack strength reached 500GB "during peak moments" but now they have climbed to 1TB.

New Strategy Funds UK Public Services' Cyber Resilience

U.K. local authorities are to receive more than $50 million from the government to boost cyber resilience in essential public services and data in sectors such as housing benefits,

How Ransomware Operations Continue to Evolve

Ransomware threats continue to be many criminals' weapon of choice for reliably shaking down victims small, medium, and large, in pursuit of a safe, easy and reliable payday.

New Cybersecurity Norms for Wireless Device Makers in EU

The directive aims to protect citizen privacy and personal data, prevent monetary fraud risks, and ensure better resilience of communication networks, according to the executive branch of the EU.

CISA Begins Program to Identify Critical Infrastructure

The CISA Director said that the agency has begun an effort to identify what she calls "primary systemically important entities," or "Pisces," to protect their systems from global cyberthreats.

Reduce Security Risk of Healthcare Legacy Systems, Devices

Legacy systems’ lack of vendor support makes them particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks, says the Department of Health and Human Services' Office for Civil Rights in a bulletin issued Friday.

India’s National Cybersecurity Strategy Awaiting Approval

One of the major deliverables of the new strategy is to identify and appoint regulatory authorities for different entities, such as CERT-In, Cyber Crime Coordination Center, DCA, and NCIIPC.

PHI Stolen in Practice Management Firm's Ransomware Attack

The affected individuals are all members of VillageHealth, a care coordination program for patients with chronic conditions run by DaVita Inc. and offered via health plans including Anthem and Humana.

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