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The Glitch Platform Is Being Used By Hackers to Host Malicious URLs

The Glitch platform has become a target for phishing hackers. It seems that the service is being actively abused by cybercriminals with the goal to host on this platform for free phishing sites that perform credentials theft.

Email Filters Duped by Tiny Font Size in BEC Phishing Attacks

A new BEC scam targeting Microsoft 365 consumers employs highly developed obfuscation techniques in phishing emails that can trick natural language processing filters and go unnoticed by users.

Magniber Ransomware Group Targets Now Internet Explorer Vulnerabilities

A change of focus took place in the Magniber ransomware’s gang attack method arsenal, as now the threat actor group started to propagate the ransomware and encrypt users’ devices by means of two Internet Explorer vulnerabilities.

Germany-based Medatixx Suffers Ransomware Attack Impacting Internal IT Systems

The vendor explained that the damage has not reached customers and is restricted to their internal IT systems and that none of their PVS (practice management systems) will be affected.

Google Ads Were Used for Stealing Credentials and Draining Accounts

Cybercriminals are investing in Google Ads to target victims with bogus wallets that steal credentials and deplete balances. So far, it appears that the fraudsters have stolen more than $500,000.

Cyberserve Hijacked by BlackShadow Hacker Group to Extort Customers

Since Friday, visitors to Cyberserve-hosted websites have been experiencing website difficulties or receiving messages saying that the website is unavailable due to a cybersecurity event.

New GLS Spam Campaign Delivers a Malicious Link Via E-mail

The new sophisticated GLS spam campaign is currently underway with a shipment-related lure, leveraging advanced obfuscation techniques such as NLP ‘dodging’ to bypass common spam filters.

Sandhill Shut Down by Conti Ransomware Attack

The publication giant, Sandhill, suffered a ransomware attack that unfortunately caused hosted websites to become inaccessible, in this way disrupting their business operations.

GitHub Researchers Discover Code Execution Bugs in 'tar' and npm CLI

In the course of two months (July and August), security experts at GitHub have discovered arbitrary code execution vulnerabilities in the open-source Node.js packages, tar, and @npmcli/arborist.

We Could Start Seeing Some Hurricane Ida-related Investment Scams

People should be wary to ask anyone approaching them with an investment opportunity if they’re licensed and if their investment is registered with the SEC or with a state.

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