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Fraud Analysts Miss Dark Web Data

New research into how financial crimes are investigated has found that the majority of fraud analysts at financial organizations do not gather evidence from the dark web.

The Three Key Elements of Zero-Trust

Speaking during Infosecurity Online, Manja Kuchel, senior product marketing manager at SolarWinds, outlined the three key elements of an effective zero-trust approach to security within organizations.

Retail, Hospitality and Travel Hit by 64 Billion Credential Stuffing Attacks

Over 60% of credential stuffing attacks detected over the past two years have been targeted at retail, travel, and hospitality businesses, according to the latest report by Akamai.

KashmirBlack Botnet Uses DevOps to Stay Agile

Security researchers have lifted the lid on a highly sophisticated global botnet operation performing millions of attacks per day, including cryptocurrency mining, spamming and defacements.

Gift Voucher Scammers Impersonate the CEO of British Retailer Marks & Spencer

Posing as Marks & Spencer CEO Steve Rowe, the scammers have posted fraudulent adverts that promise victims the chance to win a gift voucher as part of a fictitious prize draw promotion.

Modern Attacks Include Supply Chain "Hopping" and Reversing Agile Environments

According to a new report by VMware Carbon Black, 82% of attacks now involve instances of “counter incident response” where victims claim attackers have the resources to “colonize” victims’ networks.

Beware of Malicious URLs and Rogue Redirects, Experts Say

Speaking at Infosecurity Online, Javvad Malik of KnowBe4 recommended listeners to look for rogue URLs and “lookalike domains” in phishing messages as it is all too common for a URL to be changed.

Hackers Target Ohio School District With DDoS Attacks and Publish Stolen Data

Nearly 9GB of sensitive data belonging to Toledo Public Schools (TPS) has been exposed, including names, addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers, and Social Security numbers.

Morgan Stanley Fined $60m Over Data Disposal

The Office of the Comptroller of Currency found that the banks "failed to exercise proper oversight of the decommissioning of two Wealth Management business data centers located in the United States."

Instagram's Handling of Children's Data Under Investigation

Instagram's alleged data mishandling allowed the email addresses and phone numbers of children aged under 18 to become visible to other users. Facebook has denied breaking any privacy laws.

Defend Against Threats with Cyber Fusion

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