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Cosmolog Kozmetik Leaks Half a Million Customers’ Data Due to Cloud Misconfiguration

The 20GB trove contained around 9500 files, including thousands of Excel files which exposed the personal information of 567,000 unique users who bought items from the provider.

54% of Senior Executives Struggling to Keep up with Threat Landscape

According to a new report by Fujitsu, more than half (54%) of senior executives have struggled to adapt security policies to changes in the threat landscape and working practices.

REvil Ransomware Group Claims Responsibility for Attack on Invenergy

Ransomware group REvil declared on its dark website that it had carried out a cyberattack on Invenergy. The gang claims to have compromised the company's computer systems and exfiltrated 4TB of data.

UK Government Wants Startups to Build a More Secure Nation

The UK government has issued a call-to-arms to the country’s burgeoning cybersecurity startups through a new program to help it defend the country from malicious online activity.

G7 Turns Up the Heat on Putin Over Ransomware Attacks

Hostile nation-states are long thought to have tolerated cybercrime groups operating from within their borders, as long as attacks are targeted at organizations in rival nations.

Unknown Attacker Chains Chrome and Windows Zero-Days

Security researchers warn of a series of highly targeted attacks, by a group dubbed as “PuzzleMaker”, designed to compromise victim networks via Google Chrome and Microsoft Windows zero-day exploits.

Texas to Publish Data Breach Notifications

Lawmakers in the US state of Texas have passed a bill requiring notices to be published online of any data breaches involving the personal information of 250 or more Lone Star State residents.

Update: California City Police Department was Hit by Another Unreported Cyberattack

The attack was kept secret while officials worked with the FBI, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, and consultants to retrieve hundreds of highly sensitive files encrypted in the incident.

Six Million Player Profiles for ‘Battle for the Galaxy’ Leaked Due to Cloud Misconfiguration

AMT Games, which has produced a string of mobile and social titles with tens of millions of downloads between them, exposed 1.5TB of data via a misconfigured Elasticsearch server.

Scattered Canary Cybercriminal Gang Targets Texas Unemployment System

The Scattered Canary group is already suspected of making millions defrauding the states of Hawaii, Florida, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Washington, and Wyoming.

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