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Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Found in Windows Internet Key Exchange

According to a new advisory recently shared by security company Cyfirma with Infosecurity, the discovered vulnerabilities could have been exploited to target almost 1000 systems.

Hospitality Firm Sonder Confirms Data Breach, Documents and Other PII Potentially Compromised

Hospitality company Sonder has confirmed a data breach that has potentially compromised guest records. According to a security update published on Wednesday, Sonder learned of unauthorized access to one of its systems on November 14.

Template Injection Attacks: Protecting Against Camouflaged URLs

Template injection attacks are a form of living off the land (LotL) attack used by adversaries to inject a malicious URL in a document to render a malicious template hosted on a local or remote machine.

Qakbot Infections Linked to Black Basta Ransomware Campaign

The findings were described in a new advisory published by the Cybereason Global SOC (GSOC) team earlier today, highlighting several Black Basta infections using QakBot beginning on November 14, 2022.

Yanluowang Ransomware's Russian Links Laid Bare

The inner workings of yet another ransomware group have been laid bare after internal messages were leaked online, suggesting the Yanluowang group was actually run by Russian speakers.

Credential Stuffing Attackers Steal $300K from DraftKings Customers

Sports betting site DraftKings has promised to reimburse an undisclosed number of customers after they lost $300,000 through a suspected credential-stuffing attack campaign.

Thousands of Algolia API Keys Left Unsecured Could Expose Users' Data

Security researchers at CloudSEK shared the data with Infosecurity before publication, adding that 32 of the above applications were found to have critical Admin secrets hardcoded and that the team had identified 57 unique admin keys so far.

Private Equity Firms Exposed by Cyber-Hygiene Shortcomings

Private equity firms are failing to adequately manage cyber risk in their portfolio companies, with a fifth (19%) of such businesses found to feature easily exploitable vulnerabilities, according to BlueVoyant.

Instagram Credential Phishing Attacks Bypass Microsoft Email Security, Target Thousands

As per security researchers at Armorblox, a credential phishing attack reportedly targeted 22,000 students at national educational institutions with a campaign impersonating Instagram.

LockBit Remains Most Prolific Ransomware in Q3

The infamous LockBit ransomware variant remained the most widespread in the third quarter of 2022, accounting for over a fifth (22%) of detections, according to a new report from Trellix.

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