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Yanbian Gang Malware Continues with Wide-Scale Distribution and C2

Yanbian Gang has targeted South Korean Android mobile banking customers since 2013 with malicious Android apps purporting to be from major banks, namely Shinhan Savings Bank, Saemaul Geumgo, and more.

Agent Tesla: Software-as-a-Service Enables Trend Analysis

Agent Tesla is an extremely popular "malware-as-a-service" RAT used to steal information such as credentials, keystrokes, clipboard data, and other information from its operators' targets.

Turkey Dog Campaign Targets Turkish Speakers with Trojanized Apps via COVID Lures

The current Turkey Dog-related campaigns use lure pages that promise cash payments of thousands of Turkish Lira, purporting to be tied to the Turkish government to steal information or plant malware.

Skimming a Little Off the Top: 'Meyhod' Skimmer Hits Hair Loss Specialists

Meyhod itself is simple compared to the Magecart web payment skimmers we've recently analyzed, such as the new variant of the Grelos skimmer and the Ant and Cockroach skimmer.

Defend Against Threats with Cyber Fusion

Cyware is the leading provider of cyber fusion solutions that power threat intelligence sharing , end-to-end automation and 360-degree threat response.

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