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Carnival Corporation Discloses New Breach Impacting Customer and Employee Data

In a data breach notification letter sent to affected customers, Carnival said that on March 19 it detected that an unauthorized third-party had access to a limited number of email accounts.

Health care ransomware: Oklahoma Health System driven to downtime

Stillwater Medical Center was hit with a ransomware attack on June 13 and is currently operating under electronic health record downtime as it attempts to bring its systems back online.

Why backups are not the panacea for recovery from a ransomware attack

Backups can be damaged, untested, difficult to deploy, encrypted by attackers, or restore to the same breached state they backed up. They don’t remove hackers and address other forms of disruption.

Cloud Security Alliance releases security guidance for telehealth

The CSA released new guidance for health care providers that aims to provide processes and controls needed to ensure the privacy and security of cloud-based telehealth patient information.

Motives for ransomware attack against nuclear contractor remain unclear

The attack on the New Mexico-based government contractor Sol Oriens by the REvil ransomware group raised concerns in the national security community, because of the company’s work around nuclear weapons and energy for the Department of Energy.

Russian Cybercrimine Forum Organizes Contest with $115,000 in Rewards to Advance Hacking Techniques

The entry period just ended for a Russian cybercriminal hacker forum’s call for papers to advance the science of stealing, with the best submissions receiving cash prizes.

Average losses from compromised cloud accounts: $500,000 plus a year

The average total annual financial loss for companies from compromised cloud accounts is more than $500,000, according to new research by Proofpoint and the Ponemon Institute.

Post-quantum cryptographic standards to be finalized later this year

A years-long project by the US federal government to develop new post-quantum cryptography standards will be finalized later this year, according to an official at the NIST.

As market for cyber insurance booms, watchdog calls for better data

The GAO found that while the cyber insurance market boomed in recent years, rising premiums and difficulty in quantifying the costs and losses from cyber incidents pose obstacles to further adoption.

DHS program to mitigate vulnerabilities below the operating system

Officials from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency announced a new initiative to fight firmware vulnerabilities at the RSA Conference Wednesday afternoon.

Defend Against Threats with Cyber Fusion

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