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Nefilim Ransomware Operators Claim to Hack and Steal Data From European Multi-Technical Services Provider SPIE Group

Researchers from threat intelligence firm Cyble reported that Nefilim ransomware operators allegedly hacked The SPIE Group, an independent European leader in multi-technical services.

Google Threat Analysis Group took down ten influence operations

Google revealed to have taken down ten coordinated operations by disabling the YouTube channels, Adsense, and advertising accounts run by threat actors linked to China, Russia, Iran, and Tunisia.

Netwalker ransomware operators claim to have stolen data from Forsee Power

Netwalker ransomware operators announced the attack with a message posted on their online blog and shared a few screenshots as proof of the security breach.

UberEats data leaked on the dark web

Security researchers from threat intelligence firm Cyble have discovered user records of American online food ordering and delivery platform UberEats on the dark web.

Reading the 2020 Cost of a Data Breach Report

Organizations with remote work arrangements cited nearly $137,000 more in costs than the global average of $3.86 million, while the security skill shortage increased costs by an average of $257,000.

IndieFlix streaming service leaves thousands of confidential agreements, filmmaker SSNs, videos exposed on public server

The data bucket discovered by CyberNews contains over 90,000 files related to the IndieFlix streaming service.

Pirate Ship Sailing to Developing World: Group-IB Uncovers Real Captains of Online Piracy Crew

To ensure prompt and stable supply of content, online pirates rely on content delivery networks (CDNs) – an optimized technology for the distributed delivery of videos, TV series, and sports streams.

Shadow attacks allow replacing content in signed PDF files

Security researchers from the Ruhr University Bochum (Germany) have devised a series of new attack techniques, dubbed Shadow attacks, against signed PDF files.

REMnux 7, a Linux toolkit for malware analysts released

REMnux is a Linux toolkit for reverse-engineering and dissecting software, it includes a collection of free tools created by the community that allows researchers to investigate malware.

Update: PoC Released for Critical CVE-2020-1147 flaw, SharePoint servers exposed to hack

An attacker can exploit the vulnerability by uploading a specially crafted document to a server utilizing an affected product to process content.

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