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Ursnif Leverages Cerberus Android Malware to Automate Fraudulent Bank Transfers in Italy

Once infected by Ursnif and upon attempting to access their banking account, victims are advised that they won’t be able to continue to use their bank’s services without downloading a security app.

How the Rise of the Remote SOC Changed the Industry

While companies of all sizes are still working out the details of what the return to work looks like, the consensus is overall the same — the pandemic forever changed how and where we work.

Token Resistance: Tackling the New NFT Threat Landscape

Beyond the massive cost for many of these crypto tokens, there’s also the issue of theft; if accounts are compromised and NFTs stolen, they could be sold to the highest bidder.

Ryuk Ransomware Operators Shift Tactics to Target Victims

The Ryuk ransomware operators continue to target critical infrastructure and extract high ransom payments from vulnerable groups, including an attack on a large health care organization last year.

The State of Small Business Cybersecurity in 2021

Two-thirds of senior-level decision-makers who participated in a 2019 survey said they didn’t believe the SMBs for which they’re responsible would fall victim to a digital attack.

Social Engineering: How to Keep Security Researchers Safe

Attacking the very people who work on stopping threat actors may seem like a bad idea. But some threat groups do go after people who’ve made a career doing vulnerability research.

The Sodinokibi Chronicles: A (R)Evil Cybercrime Gang Disrupting Organizations for Trade Secrets and Cash

Once Sodinokibi focuses on a potential victim, the attack goes into a more sophisticated operation by human actors who pave their way through the compromised networks to find data and exfiltrate it.

Progressive Web Apps and Cookies: Taking a Bite Out of Security

If attackers can get their hands on post-MFA cookies, they may be able to bypass further attempts and gain full access to enterprise networks leading to session hijacking.

Update: The COVID-19 Vaccine's Global Cold Chain Continues to Be a Target

The expanded scope of precision targeting includes key organizations likely underpinning the transport, warehousing, storage, and ultimate distribution of vaccines, according to IBM Security X-Force.

Perpetual Disruption: What is Good Cybersecurity Governance in Health Care?

The appeal of disruptive technologies is that they offer clearly improved ways of doing things. But it also means facing new openings for threat actors, which brings the CISO role into focus.

Defend Against Threats with Cyber Fusion

Cyware is the leading provider of cyber fusion solutions that power threat intelligence sharing , end-to-end automation and 360-degree threat response.

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