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Apple Warns of Three iOS Zero-Day Security Vulnerabilities Exploited in the Wild

Apple on Tuesday released updates for devices running iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS with fixes for three security vulnerabilities that it says may have been actively exploited in the wild.

Targeted Phishing Attacks Target High-Ranking Company Executives

A phishing campaign observed at least since May 2020 has been found to target high-ranking company executives across manufacturing, real estate, finance, government, and technological sectors with the goal of obtaining sensitive information.

TikTok Bug Could Have Exposed Users' Profile Data and Phone Numbers

Cybersecurity researchers disclosed a now-patched security flaw in TikTok that could have potentially enabled an attacker to build a database of the app's users and their associated phone numbers for future malicious activity.

Researchers Warn of New Android Malware that Exploits Whatsapp Messages to Spread

A newly discovered Android malware has been found to propagate itself through WhatsApp messages to other contacts in order to expand what appears to be an adware campaign.

MrbMiner Crypto-Mining Malware Links to Iranian Software Company

A relatively new cryptomining malware that surfaced last year and infected thousands of Microsoft SQL Server databases has now been linked to a small software development company based in Iran.

Large-Scale Phishing Operation Leaves Stolen Corporate Credentials Exposed via Google Search

A new global large-scale phishing campaign has been found to bypass Microsoft Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and steal credentials belonging to over a thousand corporate employees.

Malwarebytes Joins the List of Firms Hit by the Hackers Behind SolarWinds Supply Chain Attack

Malwarebytes on Tuesday said it was breached by the same group who broke into SolarWinds to access some of its internal emails, making it the fourth major cybersecurity vendor to be targeted.

A Set of Severe Flaws Affect Popular DNSMasq DNS Forwarder

The flaws, collectively called "DNSpooq" by Israeli research firm JSOF, echoes previously disclosed weaknesses in the DNS architecture, making Dnsmasq servers powerless against a range of attacks.

Researchers Disclose Undocumented Chinese Malware Used in Recent Attacks

Crosswalk, first documented by FireEye in 2017, is a modular backdoor capable of carrying out system reconnaissance and receiving additional modules from an attacker-controlled server as shellcode.

Experts Uncover Malware Attacks Against Colombian Government and Companies

Cybersecurity researchers took the wraps off an ongoing surveillance campaign directed against Colombian government institutions and private companies in the energy and metallurgical industries.

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