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Hackers Breached US Census Bureau in January 2020 via Citrix Vulnerability

U.S. Census Bureau computer servers were targeted during a cyberattack last year, but the hackers' attempts to retain access to the system were unsuccessful, according to a new watchdog report.

Lawmakers raise concerns over federal division of cybersecurity responsibilities

The bipartisan leaders of the House Homeland Security Committee on Wednesday raised concerns about the division of responsibilities among key federal cybersecurity officials.

Senate includes over $1.9 billion for cybersecurity in infrastructure bill

The funds will go toward securing critical infrastructure against attacks, helping vulnerable organizations defend themselves, and funding a key federal cyber office, among other initiatives.

Lawmakers roll out bipartisan bill to help track cyber crimes

The Better Cybercrime Metrics Act would help improve how the government and law enforcement agencies collect data on cybercrime, with many crimes currently going unreported or untracked.

Biden officials pledge to confront cybersecurity challenges head-on

Biden administration officials sought to reassure lawmakers that action was being taken to address cyberattacks, as the federal government has made confronting cyber threats a major priority.

Kaseya denies paying hackers for decryption key after ransomware attack

Software company Kaseya has strongly denied paying to get access to a key to decrypt its systems following a massive ransomware attack on the company that impacted up to 1,500 organizations earlier this month.

WhatsApp chief: US allies' national security officials targeted with NSO malware

High-ranking government officials around the world, including US allies' national security officials, were targeted using spyware from NSO Group, according to WhatsApp head Will Cathcart.

Senators introduce bipartisan bill to secure critical groups against hackers

The bipartisan leaders of two Senate committees on Thursday introduced legislation to shore up the cybersecurity of critical infrastructure after months of crippling cyberattacks.

Kaseya obtains key to decrypt systems weeks after ransomware attack

A spokesperson for the company told The Hill in an emailed statement that Kaseya had been given an “effective decryptor and we are actively using it to help our customers.”

Senate committee launches bipartisan investigation into increasing ransomware attacks

Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee announced the launch of a bipartisan investigation into the recent string of debilitating ransomware attacks against U.S. companies.

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