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India: Haryana Police to observe ‘cybersecurity month’ this October

The police have planned awareness campaigns focusing on topics like multi-factor authentication, strong passwords, software updates, identifying online fraudsters, preventing financial fraud, and safe use of social media.

India: Mumbai Police maps cyber crime hotspots from Noida to Kerala

While investigating two cases lodged at a police station in Ghatkopar along the eastern suburbs, the Mumbai Police’s cyber sleuths traced the suspects online to a location that had not popped up on their radar before — Ernakulam in Kerala.

Rotary India Members Receive Message Offering Data of Other Members

Some miscreants hacked into the website of the Rotary India club and sent messages to its members saying they are in possession of their personal data and will sell them for Rs 20,000.

India: New crypto challenge for Delhi cyber unit

Over 50 cases have been reported this year where Delhi-based fraudsters were caught posing as directors or chiefs of agencies and cheating senior citizens/government officers under the guise of buying gift cards and converting them to cryptocurrency.

IISc develops device that improves data encryption, cyber security

True random number generator (TRNG), can improve data encryption and provide improved security for sensitive digital data such as credit card details, passwords and other personal information.

India to press ahead with strict cybersecurity rules despite industry concerns

Despite growing industry concerns, India will not change upcoming cybersecurity rules that force social media, technology companies, and cloud service providers to report data breaches swiftly.

Cyberattacks from Chinese IPs surge during Ukraine invasion: Check Point Research

Examining the trend before and after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it was found that cyberattacks from Chinese IP addresses jumped by 116 percent on NATO countries and 72 percent worldwide last week, in comparison to the figure before the conflict.

Log4j software vulnerability: Major tech companies rush to fix software after US govt’s warning

Microsoft and Cisco published advisories about the flaw, and developers released a fix late last week. But a solution depends on thousands of companies putting the fix in place before it is exploited.

Report: ‘Some nations may turn hackers for hire’

Nation-states, which have so far used dedicated teams to carry out cyberattacks on the online and offline infrastructure of other countries can, in 2022, turn “hackers for hire” by opting to work for other countries.

India’s biggest 5G challenge: Ensuring that it does not lead to new cybersecurity woes

5G will bring about connected networks, devices, and apps where each activity can become a potential attack vector due to its attributes of edge computing, dynamic bandwidth sharing, among others.

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