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Nigeria-based group ‘Lilac Wolverine’ using COVID-19, emotional lures in BEC scams

A cybercrime group based in Nigeria is targeting businesses in the United States and Western Europe with a plethora of scam emails as part of a larger campaign of business email compromise (BEC) attacks.

Ransomware group may have stolen customer bank details from British water company

The affected details include the names and addresses associated with customers’ accounts as well as the bank details used to set up direct debit payments. The company said it is writing letters to the affected customers.

IKEA Investigating Cyberattacks on Outlets in Kuwait, Morocco

Swedish furniture giant IKEA confirmed that its franchises in Kuwait and Morocco are dealing with a cyberattack that caused a disturbance on some operating systems. They were added to the leak site of the Vice Society ransomware group on Monday.

Google files lawsuit accusing ‘G Verifier’ scammers of impersonating company

Google announced on Tuesday that it has filed a lawsuit against a company allegedly impersonating it through telemarketing calls and manipulating reviews of Business Profiles on Google Search and Maps.

North Carolina College Confirms Ransomware Group Stole Sensitive Data

A spokesperson for the college said the attack occurred in October and law enforcement was immediately notified. The school disconnected its systems and hired outside security experts to help restore systems and investigate the incident.

Census Bureau disputes Inspector General claim that hacking team gained unauthorized access

The U.S. Census Bureau disputed a report from the Office of Inspector General (OIG) that found the organization vulnerable to cyberattacks, claiming that they knowingly allowed a “red team” of hired hackers to access their systems.

Cincinnati State College one of several schools added to ransomware leak sites on Thanksgiving

As of Friday, the school said that financial aid services, network printing, VPN tools, department share drives, admission application platforms, transcript exchanges, grading tools, and more were all still down.

Guadeloupe kickstarts continuity plan after wide-ranging cyberattack

Officials said the attack occurred on Monday and that they immediately put in place a service continuity plan in order for them to “carry out the essential missions of the administration.”

Personal data of nearly 4,000 people leaked in hack of Radio Free Asia

Radio Free Asia, a U.S. government-sponsored news outlet, announced a breach this week that affected almost 4,000 people – leaking troves of personal information including Social Security and passport numbers, as well as financial data.

Belarusian Hacktivist Group Claims to Breach Russia’s Internet and Media Regulator

A unit of the Russian internet and media regulator Roskomnadzor confirmed Saturday that hackers had breached its systems after the Belarusian hacktivist group known as the Cyber Partisans claimed to attack the organization.

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