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AMD CPU driver bug can break KASLR, expose passwords

Tracked as CVE-2021-26333 and discovered by Kyriakos Economou, co-founder of security firm ZeroPeril, the vulnerability resides in the driver for AMD Platform Security Processor (PSP).

FTC: Health app and connected device makers must disclose data breaches

The FTC approved a policy statement Wednesday that warns makers of health apps and connected devices that collect health-related information to comply with a decade-old data breach notification rule.

Novel Malware Samples Trying to Hack Windows from its Linux Subsystem

Security researchers at Lumen’s Black Lotus Labs have found a series of malware samples that were configured to infect the Windows Subsystem for Linux and then pivot to its native Windows environment.

Microsoft to let users completely remove account passwords and go passwordless

In the coming weeks, Microsoft said that users would be able to remove the password from their consumer account and choose an alternative authentication option instead to boost security.

‘No indication’ Russia has cracked down on ransomware gangs, top FBI official says

A top-ranking FBI official on Tuesday said the federal agency has seen no evidence that the Russian government has moved against notorious ransomware gangs operating on its soil.

Hackers Steal Puma Source Code for an Internal Application

Hackers have stolen information from sportswear maker Puma and are currently trying to extort the company into paying a ransom demand, threatening to release the stolen files on a dark web portal.

Jenkins Project Discloses Security Breach Involving Confluence Server Exploit

Following the discovery of the hack, Jenkins developers said they permanently took down the hacked Confluence server, rotated privileged credentials, and reset passwords for developer accounts.
September 3, 2021

Chinese hackers behind July 2021 SolarWinds zero-day attacks

The zero-day was the work of a new threat actor tracked as DEV-0322, which Microsoft described as “a group operating out of China, based on observed victimology, tactics, and procedures.”

White House double downs on warning about cyberattacks over the holidays

White House deputy national security adviser Anne Neuberger on Thursday urged U.S. organizations to be on guard against malicious digital activity ahead of the Labor Day holiday.

FBI: Americans lost more than $8 million to sextortion scams this year

The FBI said today that Americans lost more than $8 million to sextortion scams in the first seven months of the year following a massive uptick in activity from criminal groups.

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