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Cracked copies of Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop steal your session cookies, browser history, crypto-coins

Cracked copies of Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop are stealing browser session cookies and Monero cryptocurrency wallets from tightwads who install the pirated software, Bitdefender has warned.

1Password targets developers with Secrets Automation, acquisition of SecretHub

Password specialist 1Password has acquired SecretHub, a secrets management platform aimed at IT engineers, and made a new service called Secrets Automation, previously in beta, generally available.

QNAP caught napping as disclosure delay expires, critical NAS bugs revealed

Some QNAP network-attached storage devices are vulnerable to attack because of two critical vulnerabilities, one that enables unauthenticated remote code execution and another that provides the ability to write to arbitrary files.

Dutch watchdog fines $560k after it kept customer data thefts quiet for more than 3 weeks

The Netherlands Data Protection Authority has fined $560,000 for notifying it too late that criminals had accessed the data of 4,109 people who booked a hotel room via the website.

Pair accused of turning photos into vids to crack tax dept facial recognition system in China

According to Xinhua, the suspects tricked the State Taxation Administration platform’s identity verification system by manipulating photos with a widely available app that turns photos into videos.

Update: After oil giant Shell hit by Clop ransomware gang, workers' visas dumped online as part of extortion attempt

The Clop ransomware gang has purportedly uploaded a selection of documents, including scans of Shell employees’ US visas as well as a passport page and files from its American and Hungarian offices.

New U.K. NCSC chief stresses on the importance of investing in cybersecurity hygiene

So-called cyber-attack insurance "cannot be a substitute for better basic cybersecurity," the National Cyber Security Centre's chief exec has said in her first major speech since taking office.

Scammers tried slurping folks' login details through 70,000 coronavirus-themed phishing URLs during 2020

Cybercriminals exploited the coronavirus pandemic to set up phishing websites that posed as Pfizer, BioNTech and other household-name suppliers of vaccines and PPE, according to Palo Alto Networks.

TikTok no worse than Facebook for privacy, says Citizen Lab

TikTok is likely no more of a threat to users than Facebook, according to Citizen Lab that analyzed the video-sharing social networking app to probe for security, privacy, and censorship issues.

Personal Details of Thousands of UK Taxpayers Potentially Exposed by Local Councils

Text messages sent by Telsolutions Ltd on behalf of a dozen local authorities contained shortlinks to webpages urging council tax defaulters to pay up, many of which with little or no authentication.

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