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Tencent suspends signups to WeChat, citing 'security upgrade' and need to comply with Chinese laws

The upgrade is expected to conclude in "early August". Tencent hasn't defined a range of dates that fits within that phrase, leaving open the possibility that the suspension could last a week or more.

Tech businesses must tell us about more security breaches, says as it ponders lowering report thresholds

The British government wants to make Amazon, Google, and other digital service providers report cybersecurity breaches to the Information Commissioner, according to newly published plans.

Google revamps bug bounty program

The company has renamed it "Bug Hunters", launched a brand new website, and brought together programs that once covered discrete VRPs for Google, Android, Abuse, Chrome, and Play.

Scam-baiting YouTube channel Tech Support Scams taken offline by tech support scam

The Tech Support Scams YouTube channel has been erased from existence as host and creator Jim Browning fell victim to a tech support scam that convinced him to secure his account – by deleting it.

Misconfigured Cloud Storage at Raven Hengelsport Exposed Records of 246,000 Customers

The Netherlands-based fishing supply specialist Raven Hengelsport left details of around 246,000 customers visible to anyone on a misconfigured Microsoft Azure cloud server for months.

Apple patches zero-day vulnerability in iOS, iPadOS, macOS under active attack

The bug, CVE-2021-30807, was found in the iGiant's IOMobileFrameBuffer code, a kernel extension for managing the screen frame buffer that could be abused to run malicious code on the affected device.

CRM Database of Guntrader Website Gets Breached and Leaks Information of 110,000 Users

Cybercriminals hacked into a website used for buying and selling firearms, making off with a 111,000-entry database containing partial information from a CRM product used by gun shops across the UK.

Online gamer spills classified docs in effort to win online argument

A user of the Hungary-based game developer Gaijin Entertainment's combat simulator War Thunder tried to win an online argument by sharing classified documents in the company's game forums.

Microsoft, Google, Citizen Lab blow lid off zero-day bug-exploiting spyware sold to governments

According to a report by Citizen Lab, the spyware, code-named DevilsTongue by Microsoft, exploited at least a pair of zero-day holes in Windows to infect particular targets' machines.

Another privilege escalation bug found in Windows Print Spooler service

Microsoft has shared guidance revealing yet another vulnerability, identified as CVE-2021-34481, connected to its Windows Print Spooler service, saying it is "developing a security update."

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