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Samsung to introduce automatic call blocking on Android 11-capable flagships

Samsung phones will soon come with automatic spam call blocking, a part of Samsung Smart Call, which will debut on the Galaxy Note 20 and will roll out to all new devices released after 2020.

How much does Oracle love you? Thiiiis much: Latest patch bundle has 402 fixes

Oracle has released its final quarterly batch of patches for the year for security flaws in its products. The total this time? 402 fixes, the bulk of which are rated critical in terms of severity.

VMware patches, among other things, ESXi flaw that can be abused by miscreants on the network to hijack hosts

In an advisory published on October 20, VMware revealed six vulnerabilities, including one critical flaw, affecting its ESXi, Workstation, Fusion, Cloud Foundation, and NSX-T products.

Cisco warns VMware vCenter bug puts hyperconverged tin in ‘unrecoverable’ state

Cisco has issued an odd warning to users of its HyperFlex hyper-converged infrastructure products, telling them a VMware programming blunder can leave their installation in an “unrecoverable” state.

Remember insider threat? Old news now. Focus on malware detection, says EU infosec agency

The ENISA said in its annual report issued today that insider threats, ransomware, and cyber espionage threats were in decline up until April this year when COVID-19-related lockdowns began.

If you want to practice writing exploits and worms, there's a big hijacking hole in SonicWall firewall VPNs

A critical vulnerability in a SonicWall enterprise VPN firewall can be exploited to crash the device or remotely execute code on it, reverse engineers said this week.

For Foxit's sake: Windows and Mac users alike urged to patch PhantomPDF over use-after-free vulns

In its latest regular threat report, CISA counted four CVSS v2 7.5-level vulnerabilities affecting PhantomPDF. Foxit has published updates for its software in both Windows and Apple Mac formats.

Ireland's pandemic advice SMS service can be spoofed, warns researcher

Ireland's efforts to keep residents informed about coronavirus has fallen foul of the same basic SMS vulnerability that one of their British neighbors experienced back in March.

The seven deadly sins letting hackers hijack America's government networks

The US Dept of Homeland Security has this month identified at least six possible routes into the nation's computer systems, and the method used to gain total control over the machines once inside.

Cashless School Payments Business Wisepay Suffers Disruption Due to Cyberattack

The cashless school payments service, Wisepay, which is used by schools and colleges across the UK, has pulled its website offline after spotting a cybercriminal trying to spoof its card payment page.

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