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Telegram Fraudsters Ramp Up Forged COVID-19 Vaccine Card Sales

Telegram groups are being abused by fraudsters peddling fake COVID-19 vaccination cards to the unvaccinated and anti-vaxxer communities, according to security researchers.

Researchers Flag e-Voting Security Flaws

A team of four cybersecurity professionals concluded that the ACT e-voting system errors did not impact any election outcomes, but could potentially sway future vote counts if left uncorrected.

Fake Android App Impersonates Chrome and Rapidly Propagates Using Worming ‘Smish’ Cyberattack

According to researchers at Pradeo, the attack starts with a basic “smishing” gambit. If they fall for it and click, a message comes up asking them to update the Chrome app.

Hackers Leverage Adobe Zero-Day Vulnerability Impacting Acrobat Reader

Windows users of Adobe Reader may be the only ones currently targeted. However, the bug affects eight versions of the software, including those running on Windows and macOS systems.

Vendor for the Veterans Administration Exposes Unsecured Database with 200,000 Veterans’ Medical Records

A database filled with the medical records of nearly 200,000 U.S. military veterans was exposed online by United Valor, a vendor working for the Veterans Administration, according to an analyst.

Anti-Spam WordPress Plugin Could Expose Website User Data

The "Spam protection, AntiSpam, FireWall by CleanTalk" plugin is installed on more than 100,000 sites and is mainly used to weed out spam and trash comments on website discussion boards.

Bait Boost: Phishers Delivering Increasingly Convincing Lures

Innovative twists on banking scams and corporate-account hunters wielding increasingly clever lures, including fake COVID-19 vaccine promises, are likely to dominate the spam and phishing landscape.

Scripps Health Cyberattack Causes Widespread Hospital Outages

Scripps Health, a hospital network based in San Diego, was hit by a cyberattack over the weekend, forcing some critical-care patients to be diverted, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Researchers Discover New Side-Channel Attacks Impacting All Modern AMD and Intel Chips

All defenses against Spectre side-channel attacks can now be considered broken, leaving billions of computers and other devices just as vulnerable today as they were three years ago.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Plugs Critical Bug in Edge Platform Tool

HPE is urging customers to patch its edge application management tools that could allow an attacker to carry out a remote authentication bypass attack and infiltrate a customer’s cloud infrastructure.

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