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CSAP Accelerates Information Sharing with the New RFI Capability

CSAP Accelerates Information Sharing with the New RFI Capability

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Cybersecurity is a collaborative process. It requires effective communication and interaction between security analysts and those involved in developing, securing, or managing an organization’s technology infrastructure.

Keeping this in mind, the Cyware Situational Awareness Platform (CSAP) version 2.5 comes with an enhanced “Request for Information” (RFI) feature.

How does the feature work?

  • This feature allows Analysts to directly create Alerts from RFIs submitted by Members, thereby speeding up the feedback loop and saving crucial time in creating alerts.
  • Analysts can also engage in real-time direct communication with the Member who submitted the RFI through an integrated comment box. The integrated comment box saves time on “to and fro” discussions required for the submitted RFI. 
  • On the other hand, the feature also opens a new avenue for Members, who receive RFI-based alerts, to share more related intelligence via a dedicated response-box.

The closing line

Improving the cybersecurity posture of an organization requires all hands on deck to come together to act upon shared security goals and priorities. The CSAP version 2.5 takes a major step in this direction by helping improve the efficiency and collaboration in threat intelligence sharing and alerting with the new RFI feature. 


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Posted on: July 31, 2020

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