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CSAP Facilitates Security Risk Communication with Alert Export Capability

CSAP Facilitates Security Risk Communication with Alert Export Capability

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The Cyware Situational Awareness Platform (CSAP) version 2.6 enables members to export custom alert details as CSV reports for enhanced analysis and sharing with cross-functional teams.

How does the feature work?
  • The feature allows members to export custom Alert details by using filters such as Category, Channel, and TLP level, among others. 
  • Members can also retrieve Alert details from a particular calendar day, week, or month or a custom date range. These filters also help members to narrow down and condense the report content. 
  • The CSV report is automatically shared with the member over the configured email address. 
  • The feature can be accessed from the Personal Settings module in the CSAP Member Portal.

The closing lines
The feature takes security collaboration to the next level by allowing CSAP members to share the exported report with internal security teams and stakeholders who may not have access to the CSAP Portal. The reports can be used by threat analysts, incident responders, SOC managers, and senior executives to communicate threat information and aid security decision making. 

Furthermore, private enterprises can immensely benefit from this feature by sharing such reports with their vendors, who do not have access to the CSAP platform, to secure their extended security perimeter. The feature serves as the first step for the private enterprises towards implementing a fully automated end-to-end information sharing paradigm with their vendors.


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Posted on: September 07, 2020

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