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CSAP’s Orchestrated Cybersecurity Updates will Help You Reduce Noise and Stay Ahead of Cyber Attacks

CSAP’s Orchestrated Cybersecurity Updates will Help You Reduce Noise and Stay Ahead of Cyber Attacks

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As the use of online tools and technologies increases, cyber criminals are finding more attack methods and vulnerabilities to leverage their attacks on. With increase in cyber attacks and threats, it becomes difficult to keep yourself and your organization abreast of the cyber threat intelligence. Hundreds of new stories and updates about latest malware, vulnerabilities, threat actors and breaches are released everyday; it gets more and more difficult to remove the noise and keep your intelligence data clean. With information coming from various legitimate sources--like inbound traffic, imports, integration etc--increased noise around your data sources is inevitable. Cyware Situational Awareness Platform (CSAP) now also allows you to reduce the noise and orchestrate everyday threat intel in a seamless way by automatically converting RSS alerts into human readable cyber security updates. The security updates allow organizations to understand the threat easily and implement necessary actions to secure themselves.

CSAP is the perfect collaborative situational awareness and information-sharing platform designed to increase the overall situational awareness index of an organization, and keep businesses aware of the evolving cyber threat landscape. We are proud to announce that the CSAP product has a new feature that can help your organizations stay updated on the cyber security alerts on a single platform. CSAP is a one-stop platform for your organization’s situational awareness needs, as it helps automate and streamline security alerts from sources of your choice. For instance, you can connect CSAP with the RSS Feed of US-Cert in order to receive real-time updates and information on the platform, without having to squander time on the internet.

Our new system category called “RSS Alerts” allows companies to select from multiple pre-configured RSS feeds or customize the application to include RSS feeds of their choice to disseminates real-time information on suspicious incidents in a systematic way. Thus, CSAP acts as your centralized information management system.

How is it useful
1) Time-efficient: By using machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), CSAP disseminates threat intel on a single platform; thus, reducing search time for latest alerts.

2) Reduces noise: With so many channels sharing information at the same time, it increases noise and makes it a strenuous task to keep track of the current cyber threat landscape. CSAP’s automated RSS feeds reduce noise and keep organizations on track.

3) Ensures authenticity of the information: Amidst the several articles released across the internet, there can be fake news lurking around that can throw off your company’s security defenses. By ensuring the information shared is strictly authentic via RSS feeds, CSAP reduces the scope of fake news.


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Posted on: May 12, 2018

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