Cyware Decentralizes User Management; Allows ISAC and ISAO Members to Self-Administer Their Users

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Cyware Situational Awareness Platform (CSAP) version 2.3 now comes with a new “Organization Management” feature allowing members of ISACs, ISAOs, and other sharing communities to self manage their users. 

How does the feature work?
  • Consider a case of a large ISAC with hundreds of members. 
  • The ISAC administrators can now categorize member organizations based on their licensing and subscription types such as Platinum, Gold, or Silver. These classifications are termed as Organization Levels. 
  • Organization Levels allow ISAC administrators to control the number of end-users that Member Admins can invite to the CSAP member portal and mobile app from their respective organizations. 

What is a Member Admin?
  • Member Admin is a “self-management” role created for ISAC and ISAO member organizations. The role is assigned by ISAC and ISAO administrators to users within member organizations. 
  • The Member Admin(s) can also appoint other users from their organization as Member Admin(s). 
  • The Member Admin(s) can invite and manage members from their organization to the CSAP member portal and mobile app.

CSAP has taken threat intelligence sharing and management to the next-level for ISACs, ISAOs, and other sharing communities by devolution of administrator control to the member organizations.  


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Posted on: June 10, 2020

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