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Cyware Launches Cyber Collaboration Center (C3), an Actionable Sharing Community for Security Leaders

Cyware Launches Cyber Collaboration Center (C3), an Actionable Sharing Community for Security Leaders

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For decades, organizations and the public sector have created a collective defense against cyber threats, typically in the form of information sharing and analysis centers (ISACs), by sharing pertinent intelligence. These specialized groups enable organizations, often grouped by industry and region, to privately share and ingest intelligence, discuss related trends, and strengthen their industry as a collective. As one of the leading technology solution providers for some of the largest ISACs in the world, Cyware is following suit by launching a new, free initiative for information sharing, the Cyber Collaboration Center (C3).

C3 is specifically designed for security leaders and decision-makers from different sectors, geographies, roles, and experiences to mount a collective defense against common security challenges. This is accomplished through sharing threat information, brainstorming issues, and mitigation strategies in closed-room virtual discussions.

The invite-only center offers a dynamic and inclusive global information-sharing model. It empowers security leaders from diverse regional, global, and cross-sectoral levels through shared information from outside of the organization. It also fosters collaboration through actionable threat intelligence sharing, and is designed to complement the data organizations may already receive from their ISAC.

Making Intelligence More Accessible
If intelligence is a key to preventing and defending attacks that means making it more accessible is vital to organization of all types and sizes. This is why membership into the Cyber Collaboration Center (C3) is free to join. 

In turn, we ask that members share their experience and collaborate with their peers. Like our ISAC partners, C3 is built upon the Cyware Situational Awareness Platform (CSAP), a strategic threat intelligence platform. This means that sharing, receiving, and collaborating with industry peers is easier and more accessible than ever before.

The center also allows members to share intelligence anonymously or with attribution, and we ensure data integrity by vetting security leaders upon entry and having periodic reviews. Intelligence is also reviewed, enriched, and assigned a TLP before sharing it back with other members. This means high-fidelity information that can easily be applied back to your organization and security controls.

C3 will equip security leaders with relevant data, allows anonymous threat intel sharing, provides high-fidelity data for strategic decision making, and helps security teams understand how their peers are responding to similar kinds of threat intel.

Intelligence Sharing Communities
Like ISACs, C3 will group security leaders based on several factors. Beyond industry alone, members will also be in regional, interest, and role-based groups. This gives greater visibility outside of just localized peers. For now, the role-based groups are designed for security leaders such as CISOs, heads of threat intelligence or SOCs, and heads of fusion centers. There is also a grouping for intelligence analysts, too.

Our initial information sharing groups will include those in the United States, UAE, or India, and must be in financial services, healthcare, energy, or either a CERT or FIRST member. We plan to expand C3 in the future, which will include other regions.

If you are interested in joining the Cyber Collaboration Center (C3), apply here to become a member.


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Posted on: November 16, 2020

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