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Cyware Named Editor’s Choice Threat Intelligence Winner in the Global InfoSec Awards

Cyware Named Editor’s Choice Threat Intelligence Winner in the Global InfoSec Awards

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Its only so often that a company comes along that fundamentally changes the way people and technology work together. 

Cyware is enhancing how SecOps teams can share and collaborate. We’re taking security orchestration to the next level, and everything we are doing is predicated on automating processes around threat response. 

And as the continued growth, scale, and success of Cyware keeps rolling, 2021 has featured some momentous achievements, including today’s announcement that we’ve been named the Editor’s Choice Threat Intelligence winner in Cyber Defense Magazine’s Global InfoSec Awards. We are honored by this recognition, especially in a category we are pioneering with our Virtual Cyber Fusion Platform. 

What’s interesting about this designation, is that Cyware’s CTIX (threat intelligence exchange) is one product module that is part of our overarching platform, which features a number of next-gen SOAR capabilities, across four total modules. So we’re winning in threat intelligence, but its only part of our story considering we deliver well-beyond threat intelligence. 

And you know what? I love winning!

In its 9th year, the Global InfoSec Awards program recognizes the world’s most innovative and valuable cyber defense companies disrupting the industry. 

In today’s interconnected world with a vastly evolving threat landscape, organizations require a single source of truth for threat intelligence and response actions. 

Cyware eliminates siloed security efforts and automates the threat intelligence process, increasing analysts’ productivity by reducing burnout and enabling them to home in on high-priority threats within their environments. Whether this is through threat intelligence sharing, or beyond, this is one of the core drivers of how Cyware is working with enterprise, ISAC, and mid-market customers. 

Cyware is transforming security operations by delivering the cybersecurity industry's first and only Virtual Cyber Fusion Center Platform with next-generation SOAR (security orchestration, automation, and response) and threat intelligence technology, enabling end-to-end threat intelligence automation, sharing, and unprecedented threat response for organizations globally. 

With a Virtual Cyber Fusion Center, Cyware enables cybersecurity teams to connect the dots within the SecOps and threat intelligence functions, delivering unparalleled orchestration and automated threat response capabilities, lowering costs, and driving more value from existing security telemetry at a lower cost.

This award win is the latest in a series of milestones for Cyware. We achieved 400% year-over-year growth from Q1 2020 to 2021, marking our fourth consecutive year of triple-digit growth. Additionally, in March 2021, we announced a $30M Series B funding round, less than a year after announcing a $10M Series A investment.

“We scoured the globe looking for cybersecurity innovators that could make a huge difference and potentially help turn the tide against the exponential growth in cybercrime. Cyware is absolutely worthy of this coveted award and consideration for deployment in your environment,” said Gary S. Miliefsky, Publisher of Cyber Defense Magazine.

To learn more about how Cyware’s Virtual Cyber Fusion Center platform improves security operations by combining threat intelligence and next-generation SOAR, visit: www.cyware.com

We’re thrilled to be a member on this coveted group of winners, located here: http://www.cyberdefenseawards.com/ 

- Thomas Bain, Vice President, Marketing


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Posted on: May 19, 2021

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