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Cyware’s CSAP v3.0 Streamlines Security Engagement with New Updated Messenger

Cyware’s CSAP v3.0 Streamlines Security Engagement with New Updated Messenger

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The Cyware Situational Awareness Platform (CSAP) equips security personnel with real-time threat alerts and information sharing capabilities to improve situational awareness and resilience. The CSAP version 3.0 now comes with an updated Secured Messenger with enhanced collaboration capabilities.

Benefits of CSAP Messenger
The updated CSAP Messenger adds many improvements and provides numerous benefits to users such as: 
  • Increased visibility: With the new floating design of Messenger, users can easily access it anytime and anywhere in CSAP without having to break their flow. The new design also makes it more user-friendly as it alerts users of any unread messages that seamlessly need their attention. 
  • Boosting user engagement: The new Messenger allows a user to interact with all other users on the platform, create topical groups, receive alerts, and send commands. Thus, it adds to the ease of use of the entire platform as they can use it simultaneously while using other features in CSAP.
  • Enhanced user experience: The CSAP Messenger is now sleeker and smarter than ever to improve communication and boost information sharing among different platform users. This makes for a more delightful user experience while achieving the goal of improving their cyber situational awareness.

What’s new?
The revamped CSAP Messenger brings several new enhancements that make life easier for CSAP users. The Messenger has been updated to provide better visibility and address users’ communication needs more effectively.
  • The CSAP Messenger appears as a sticky button at the bottom right of the screen so that a user is able to interact with other users from anywhere within the application. When a user clicks on the Messenger button, it opens as a small floating dialog box to provide uninterrupted security alerting while using other features in the platform.
  • The Messenger button shows unread message count, thereby notifying the user if any new messages are received. Additionally, the Messenger now highlights each tab (Alerts, Groups, Direct, Topics), along with the number of new messages in it.
  • Users can also now customize the appearance of their chat messages with either a Comfortable or a Compact view. While the Comfortable view shows the full name, profile picture, and timestamp for all messages, the Compact view fits more messages in the window by only showing the name and timestamp for each message.

The takeaway
Security operations is a team sport, and the winning teams are the ones that communicate effectively. With the introduction of the refreshed Messenger, CSAP has gone a step further in ensuring that all stakeholders within an organization can easily engage with each other and contribute to their collective defense.

Get in touch with your Cyware account manager for more details.


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Posted on: August 05, 2021

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