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Cyware’s CSAP v3.0 Streamlines User Onboarding with Guided Walkthroughs and Tutorial Videos

Cyware’s CSAP v3.0 Streamlines User Onboarding with Guided Walkthroughs and Tutorial Videos

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The Cyware Situational Awareness Platform (CSAP) is designed to help security teams, CISOs, and other stakeholders improve situational awareness and resilience. While bringing all stakeholders together on a common platform provides numerous benefits, it also requires efforts to bridge the gap between novice and experienced users of the platform.

CSAP’s version 3.0 has been updated with a new user onboarding process to get new users up and running in no time.

Key benefits
The new onboarding process in CSAP has many upsides such as:
  • Self-learning: With the unique onboarding experience, CSAP promotes self-learning among users by giving them the relevant information associated with different functionalities of the platform in an accessible and engaging manner.
  • Reduced need for training: Usually, organizations require dedicated training programs to get everyone up to speed when using a new platform in their security workflow. Whether you have a hundred users or thousands, CSAP now drastically reduces the need for training sessions through its guided walkthrough of every module within the platform.
  • Easy knowledge transfer: While product documentation is helpful for users to grasp more complex information, the combination of a guided walkthrough and tutorial videos makes for a much more seamless experience for users. This results in higher knowledge transfer and retention, thereby requiring minimal intervention from experts.

How does it work?
  • When CSAP users sign in to the platform for the first time, they are taken on a guided walkthrough of the entire platform.
  • This walkthrough highlights all the key features and modules of the platform through tooltips and modals that explain the different elements visible on the screen. Users can easily navigate through it using the next or back options.
  • CSAP now also provides tutorial videos for further help on how to use different features within the platform. The tutorial videos provide narration along with a visual demonstration of the particular features.
  • If users still find themselves stuck on an issue, they can always refer to the extensive, detailed documentation available for CSAP.

The takeaway
With the power of threat alert aggregation and information sharing, CSAP is changing the security mindset for organizations globally. Now, with its enhanced user onboarding experience, CSAP has taken a leading role in making cybersecurity less daunting for any stakeholder regardless of their role or prior experience.

Get in touch with your Cyware account manager for more details.


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Posted on: August 05, 2021

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