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Faster Threat Response and Easier Actioning with Cyware Orchestrate Mobile App

Faster Threat Response and Easier Actioning with Cyware Orchestrate Mobile App

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To empower security analysts to respond to security threats remotely, we have integrated Cyware Orchestrate into our existing Cyware Enterprise Mobile App. The mobile version of Cyware Orchestrate lets security analysts/admins receive and respond to notifications on the go from any mobile device.

What are the Benefits of Cyware Orchestrate Mobile App?

  • Get Notified Anytime, Anywhere: Users need not log in to the Cyware Orchestrate web portal every time to track the Playbooks executions. They can now check the push notifications on the Cyware Orchestrate Mobile App from any corner of the world at any given time. 
  • Take Actions On-The-Go: Cyware Orchestrate Mobile App users can take actions and respond to requests related to Playbooks execution from anywhere in the world. Responding to notifications with the ‘Accept’ or ‘Reject’ button accelerates the response to Playbooks waiting for approval, thereby reducing the time spent on urgent pending actions/requests. Moreover, the mobile app allows the users to respond to multiple requests based on different field types, such as text, integers, dates, etc. 

What’s New?

Quick and Easy QR Login: Users can now easily switch between the Cyware Orchestrate web portal and the mobile app. Through their mobile app, they can scan the QR code displayed on the Cyware Orchestrate web portal in split seconds to log in. 

Notifications: Users can receive both informational and actionable notifications on their Cyware Orchestrate Mobile App.

  • Informational Notifications: Through the Cyware Orchestrate mobile app, users can receive informational notifications about Playbook updates that do not require any actions to be performed. For example, admins can receive notifications on Instance/Tenant Expiry or System Errors on their Cyware Orchestrate platform. 

  • Actionable Notifications: On their Cyware Orchestrate mobile app, users can receive notifications that require some action. These notifications can be acknowledged with simple Yes/No or written responses, and the notifications awaiting responses can be viewed as Pending Actions and once responded can be seen in responded requests. Moreover, Cyware Orchestrate users can now provide immediate inputs required for Playbook execution that can help them quickly respond to and act on potential threats.

Dark Mode: Mobile app users also have the flexibility to switch to a Dark Mode for better visibility and readability. Moreover, the energy-efficient nature of this theme ensures that not much battery is consumed by the Orchestrate mobile app.


In a Nutshell

The Cyware Orchestrate Mobile App enables incident response teams to respond to threats on their mobile devices, on the go. This not only fastens the threat response process but also accelerates the further course of action.

To know more about our Cyware Orchestrate or Mobile App, book a demo!
Download the Android app here.
Download the iOS app here.


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Posted on: February 14, 2022

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