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Information Sharing for Incident Response Teams is Now Easy with Cyware’s Slack Integration

Information Sharing for Incident Response Teams is Now Easy with Cyware’s Slack Integration

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With more security teams working remotely than ever before, team collaboration and communication often become patchy. 

In our latest release, we have integrated the popular enterprise messaging platform, Slack, with our automated threat response platform, Cyware Fusion and Threat Response (CFTR) for quicker communication between security teams. The Slack integration in our latest release of CFTR v3.0 will allow security teams to receive current threat updates, improving team coordination and efficiency.

Benefits of Integrating Slack with CFTR

The CFTR Slack integration enables security teams to share any incident related information directly in Slack. Let’s find out more about the benefits!

  • Seamless Information Sharing: Security analysts can push updates about any particular incident via a Slack channel so that their extended security team and management who are not CFTR users can stay updated on important security incidents being investigated through CFTR and timely receive the notifications. Also, the notifications/updates can be quickly checked via Slack mobile applications.

  • Real-Time Communication and Coordination: Security teams can create channels on Slack to share updates and chat in real-time, improving the communication between them. 

  • Faster Threat Response: The integration provides flexibility to users to select the incidents for which they want to send updates via Slack. This will allow security teams to focus on the incidents that need attention, thereby enabling faster threat response. 

What does the CFTR Slack Integration Offer?

  • Focused Communication via Slack Channels: CFTR users can choose from the already created Slack channels to share incident updates with the responsible teams. These channels can be leveraged by the users to work on different CFTR-related tasks in a coordinated fashion.

  • Looking Back is Now Easy: The integration allows security teams to quickly locate old activity logs or notifications coming from CFTR by using the search function in Slack. They can also view the details of the logs or notifications shared.



The Slack integration in CFTR v3.0 allows security teams to collaborate with each other and other stakeholders around the updates on CFTR incidents and thus enabling organizations to have greater visibility into selected incidents. In a nutshell, the latest version of CFTR empowers security analysts to share incident updates with their teams in real-time in a collaborative ecosystem. 

To learn more about the CFTR Slack integration, book a demo now!


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Posted on: June 30, 2022

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