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Myth Busted: Threat Intelligence Platforms are Only for Large Security Teams

Myth Busted: Threat Intelligence Platforms are Only for Large Security Teams

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In this post, we will break down the myth that threat intelligence platforms (TIPs) are only for large security teams. There are still many misconceptions in the industry around the use of threat intelligence and TIPs so let’s break a few of them down.

The significant increase in security threats, over the last few years, has led to exponentiated growth in the number of threat indicators (IOCs) being captured on a daily basis. There is an urgent need for organizations to ingest these IOCs and enhance them with context and enrichment in real-time to understand their relevance and potential impact. This increase in available threat data has made it difficult to figure out what to prioritize for your organization and how to make it actionable in your environment. This seems even more daunting for smaller security teams with limited resources. 
Due to multiple workflows involved in ingestion, enrichment, analysis, and actioning of large amounts of threat data, organizations often put in place a dedicated team just to manage threat intelligence operations. However, due to constrained budgets and lack of prerequisite technologies, small organizations often lack such teams and end up keeping their security operations devoid of threat intelligence. Over a period of time, this practice has created a myth that threat intelligence can only be leveraged by large organizations with adequate team size, technologies, and budgets. This is no longer the case. With advancement in security automation technology, now even small teams can manage and operationalize threat intelligence without having to shell out extra money or hire additional staff.  

In the past, it took a dedicated threat intelligence team and a large budget to set up and manage a threat intelligence platform. With advancements in technology and automation smaller teams can now take advantage of a threat intelligence platform’s features to operationalize threat intel for their organization. With the introduction of a lightweight TIP, more teams and analysts can take advantage of threat intelligence and use it to power their security operations without having to pay for features that they don’t need or can’t support.

A lightweight TIP busts this myth and makes actionable threat intelligence accessible and manageable for small and medium security teams in four simple ways:

  1. Automation Throughout the Threat Intel Lifecycle: By automating the ingestion, enrichment, and dissemination of threat intelligence you can increase your team’s efficiency and speed up processes.
  2. Take Action on Deployed Tools: Connect to your security stack and take advantage of out-of-the-box integrations to push threat intelligence to your deployed tools for real-time actioning.
  3. Customized Confidence Scoring: Fine tune a customizable confidence scoring system for your indicators to validate intel and create rules around priority, trust, and relevancy.
  4. Quick Setup, Easy Configuration: An easy implementation with a quick setup helps small teams get to work faster and see value sooner.

If you are a part of a small or medium-sized security team that did not think a TIP was a good fit for you, then you need to check out CTIX Lite, the industry’s first ever lightweight threat intelligence platform. CTIX Lite was designed specifically to help smaller teams become faster and more resilient with an intelligence-driven defense. Request a demo and see for yourself!


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Posted on: August 06, 2020

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