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New Year’s Resolutions to Amp Up Your Cyber Defense in 2022

New Year’s Resolutions to Amp Up Your Cyber Defense in 2022

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At your New Year’s Eve party, you’ll be swigging bottles of beer and champagne, and once it’s over, you’ll step into 2022. Your friends and family will start wishing you a “Happy New Year.” But that’s not all. People around you will ask you about your New Year’s resolutions.

What are your New Year’s resolutions—getting a new job, exploring new places, investing in finance, or crushing a 30-day fitness challenge? While the new year is a great opportunity to start new habits and routines, sticking to the goals can be difficult as resolutions are easier to make than to keep. But when it comes to cybersecurity, the tale is completely different.

Are you ready to welcome the new year? At Cyware, we can help you make 2022 cyber secure. Our New Year’s resolution recommendations are not only achievable but worth adopting to enhance your overall security preparedness. 

Tie Your Resolutions to Cybersecurity

We have created a list of ideas for New Year’s resolutions. Let’s kick off a strong and cyber secure 2022!

Make Your Employees Situationally Aware

Start the new year right by sharing real-time threat alerts with your employees and security teams. In this new year, you must work toward achieving situational awareness around the clock at your organization. It will help your security teams and employees learn about the threats facing them and also improve their day-to-day decision-making. You must leverage a modern-day threat alert sharing and aggregation platform that can help your security teams enhance their security capabilities with automated alert aggregation, strategic threat intelligence sharing, and mobile-enabled alerting. This will keep your security teams situationally aware of the continuously changing threat landscape.

Do New Things, Innovate Around Intel 

Every day is a new day and cyber criminals know it better. While they continuously strive to modify their tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) to launch attacks, security teams must focus on improving threat intelligence to always stay a step ahead of them. They must operationalize actionable threat intelligence on which they can act and improve their cybersecurity posture. 

Organizations can innovate with next-gen technologies such as cyber fusion centers that amalgamate threat intelligence with an advanced threat intelligence platform(TIP) while abolishing the siloization of security teams, strengthening collaboration and threat visibility across your security infrastructure. Such cyber innovation can enable your security teams to drive their strategies according to the growing threat landscape. 

By upgrading your security operations center (SOC) to a cyber fusion center, you can have better threat visibility and improve your threat response capabilities. The security automation, orchestration and response (SOAR) capabilities of a cyber fusion center allow you to create automated workflows that can optimize security and response actions across different deployment environments. The avant-garde SOAR capability of a cyber fusion center lets you quickly respond to threats and minimize the time spent on manual processes. 

Don’t Be Afraid, Share More

Share threat intelligence with others. While cybersecurity experts make tremendous efforts to enhance their security posture, cybercriminals come up with new techniques to target victims. If your organization identifies a threat, your vendors, subsidiaries, and peers can learn from the incident and take necessary measures to defend against it. This will help you defend your extended digital perimeter. Furthermore, your threat awareness will increase by manifolds when you receive threat intelligence shared by your partners within a trusted environment. Threat intelligence sharing is the reason behind it. 

As an organization, you must espouse and promote threat intelligence sharing with your peers, vendors, information-sharing community members, and other stakeholders. No matter your threat intelligence needs, there’s a solution for everyone. You can leverage advanced TIPs to be able to share, receive, and access threat information in real-time. This will improve your ability to quickly identify, analyze, and respond to threats. 

Sharing makes threat information accessible and operational, enriching every participating organization’s understanding of adversaries, assets, TTPs, indicators of compromise (IOCs), and much more. It spreads awareness about incidents as they take place and also helps in reducing the response time. Moreover, organizations must embrace advanced TIPs to enrich threat information collected from various sources in real-time. 

Focus on Automating Threat Response

Cybercriminals will continue to launch sophisticated attacks. Similarly, you shouldn’t stop responding to those incidents. For most organizations, incident response is just about containing incidents. In reality, it is much more than that. Thanks to Cyware’s next-gen security solutions, you can now move beyond conventional incident response and focus on automating threat response. Automated threat response will help you cover the important aspects of the threat ecosystem such as malware, vulnerabilities, and threat actors. 

You must leverage robust threat response platforms that will enable you to connect the dots between different threats and incidents. Such platforms automate security operations and allow security teams to address threats before they turn into cyberattacks. 

Collaborate. Collaborate. Collaborate

Together, we can do so much! Learn to work in an environment where you can handle potential threats by bridging the gap between multiple teams in your organization. Embrace security tools that will foster inter-team collaboration and not only provide greater visibility across all the security functions but an advanced level of resilience and control. You must build virtual cyber fusion centers (vCFC) to bring together disparate teams—SecOps, incident response, threat intelligence, threat hunting, and others—within your organization. This will let you create a streamlined threat detection, response, and management workflow in a collaborative environment.

Take Part in Collective Defense

With every passing year, new threats and hackers arise. The nation-state threat actors continue to focus on government and private organizations, making the threat landscape all the more complex. In 2022, get rid of the traditional approach to handling threats and take a collective defense approach toward them. Take part in collective defense to promote collaboration among your peer organizations with the help of vCFC that combines threat intelligence sharing with threat response using advanced orchestration and automation solutions against emerging threats. You can fuel collective defense by building cyber fusion centers and assist your security teams in making improved decisions on incident response. 

New Year, New Cyber Defense

Besides making conventional resolutions, think outside the box and explore building a vCFC that would set your security preparedness and overall strategy for scale with complete threat visibility and collaborative threat response. 

This new year, keep your cybersecurity goals ready. Here’s wishing you a prosperous and Happy New Year 2022! 

To learn how you can improve your cyber defense with vCFC, book a demo with us!


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Posted on: December 30, 2021

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