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Notification SLAs: MSSPs Can Now Share New Incident Alerts With Their Clients

Notification SLAs: MSSPs Can Now Share New Incident Alerts With Their Clients

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The shorter the wait between the occurrence of an incident and its response, the better. Cyware understands that time taken to respond to an incident is a critical metric that needs to be monitored. That’s why in the latest release of Cyware Fusion and Threat Response, CFTR v3.0.2, we have introduced Notification SLA that allows Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) to notify their clients about newly created incidents via emails so that their clients are aware and take the necessary action in time.

How does Notification SLA Work?

Notification SLAs allow MSSPs to configure multiple levels of established and agreed-upon SLAs for sending email notifications to clients about newly created incidents. When an incident is created in CFTR, MSSPs send the email notification to the affected client within a specific time from the incident opening time as per the Notification SLAs. 

How does Notification SLA Empower MSSPs?

Notification SLA in CFTR enables MSSPs in the following ways:

  • From CFTR, MSSPs can send email notifications about any newly created incident to their clients based on the SLA defined with them. 
  • If acknowledgment of the first notification is not received, then MSSPs can send follow-up emails.
  • For each client, MSSPs can configure notification email templates, recipients lists, and Notification SLAs.
  • They can set breach limits for SLAs to alert incident response teams when an SLA is about to breach. Moreover, MSSPs can create SLAs as per the required logic.

Benefits of Notification SLAs

  • Notification tracking for each client: This feature allows MSSP analysts to track the statistics and manage notifications and client responses using dashboards and customizable hero cards based on the SLAs defined for each client.
  • Eliminate erroneous notifications: This feature allows to preconfigure the recipient groups to send out the notifications. This eliminates errors due to manual entry and notifications reach the right people within the stipulated time. 
  • Ensure client awareness: This allows MSSPs to ensure that the clients are informed about an incident at the earliest. 

Report Incidents Within Agreed Timeframes

Realizing that SLAs are time-sensitive contracts that promise certain actions within a given period of time, Cyware empowers MSSPs to ensure real-time notification and alerting on security threats. CFTR goes far beyond the scope of conventional MSSPs and underscores its capabilities to report incidents to their clients via email within the agreed timeframes. 

Schedule a free demo to learn more about Notifications SLA and how you can create them!


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Posted on: September 29, 2022

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