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Roster Management in CFTR Enables Easier Than Ever 24x7 Incident Management

Roster Management in CFTR Enables Easier Than Ever 24x7 Incident Management

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A Security Operations Center (SOC) helps in unifying various security functions to monitor, detect, and respond to complex cyber incidents continuously. For a SOC to be truly effective, conducting 24x7 operations with a proper shift handover and roster management is key. The Cyware Fusion and Threat Response version 2.4 simplifies the job of security decision-makers in managing different incident response teams and shifts with the new Roster Management feature.

Say goodbye to chaos

Roster is a list of employees who are working in an organization on a given day, week, or month. Roster Management pertains to the planning of the workforce, allocating the right person to the right task, forecasting, and budgeting.

  • The Roster Management feature enables incident response teams to run their operations 24x7 in an organized manner with different shift-rotations and shift-lengths to avoid conflicts or confusion while handling incidents.
  • This means incident response teams can provide sustained attention and investigate each and every incident that arrives in their queue, thereby increasing response effectiveness and performance.
  • With a well-planned schedule, incident response teams no longer lose time on planning and coordinating their tasks with members of other security teams within their organization.

How does it work?

The Roster Management feature would enable an admin or SOC manager to remotely manage the workload distribution between team members in the form of shifts depending on their availability, efficiency, and skillset.

  • SOC managers can create shift models which essentially means planning working days and shifts. These can then be used to create shift rosters for the entire SOC team.
  • By going to “Create Roster,” a SOC manager can select a shift model, define the duration of the roster, and assign users to the roster accordingly.
  • The SOC manager will also have the flexibility to change the shift assignments in case of the unavailability of an analyst.
  • All rosters are set according to the UTC time zone for consistency across teams across different locations.
  • As a SOC analyst, one would have visibility over their predefined roster and shifts that they are assigned to, in the “My Profile” section.

Final words

Using human resources effectively is a high priority for security teams. The battle against ever-increasing levels of cyber threats can only be won with a well-oiled security apparatus. The CFTR version 2.4 is designed to enable the smooth functioning of diverse security teams using the Roster Management feature.


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Posted on: August 27, 2020

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