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Visualize and Map Global Security Incidents in Real Time

Visualize and Map Global Security Incidents in Real Time

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Geographical awareness plays an important role in the planning and execution of an effective incident response, helping incident responders understand the location where an incident is taking place. In its new and enhanced 3.2 version of the Cyware Fusion and Threat Response (CFTR) platform, Cyware enables security analysts and incident managers to link incidents with geographical locations to identify impacted areas. 

Capabilities for Incident Responders

In CFTR v3.2, geo-mapping of incidents will enable security analysts and incident managers to :

  • Pinpoint individual incidents on a map and specify the exact impacted or vulnerable location.
  • Monitor the number of incidents impacting a location and prioritize incident response.
  • Gain geographical context and insights into the incidents on the map view, and drill down into the details.

Benefits for Incident Responders

  • Ease of use: Geo-mapping allows users to easily pinpoint the exact location of incidents which then becomes immediately visible to anyone using CFTR. 
  • Visualization: Incident responders can see where incidents are occurring, analyze them, identify different trends and patterns around incidents, and gain instant visibility into incidents through real-time visual representation.
  • Faster incident response: This capability aids incident responders to identify the most problematic locations for faster response.

Summing Up

The geo-mapping capability of the CFTR v3.2 platform equips security analysts and incident managers with a powerful tool for real-time global incident mapping. It places the security teams a step ahead in terms of identifying patterns and trends of incidents occurring across different locations.

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Posted on: February 28, 2023

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