Malicious Packages Disguised as JavaScript Libraries Found

Researchers at open-source software firm Sonatype have uncovered multiple malicious packages that disguise themselves as legitimate JavaScript libraries on npm registries to launch cryptominers on Windows, macOS and Linux machines.

Groove ransomware calls on all extortion gangs to attack US interests

The Groove ransomware cybercriminal group is calling on other ransomware extortion groups to attack US interests after law enforcement took down REvil's infrastructure last week.

Massive Attack Campaign Uses YouTube to Deliver Password-Stealing Malware

When installed, the malware will communicate with a Command & Control server, where it waits for commands to execute by the attacker, which could entail the running of additional malware.

Critical Vulnerabilities Found in AUVESY Product Used by Major Industrial Firms

A total of 17 types of vulnerabilities, including many rated critical and high severity, have been found by researchers in the Versiondog data management product made by AUVESY.

RedLine Stealer identified as primary source of stolen credentials on two dark web markets

First spotted in March 2020, the RedLine Stealer is an infostealer. Once it infects a computer, its primary purpose is to collect as much user data as possible and then send it to the attackers.

Cybercriminals Hide RAT Malware as Adult Game to Infect Users via Webhards and Torrents

The attackers are using easily obtainable malware such as njRAT and UDP RAT, wrap them in a package that appears like a game or other program, and then upload them on WebHard.

FiveSys Rootkit Abuses Microsoft-Issued Digital Signature

A rootkit named FiveSys is able to evade detection and slip unnoticed onto Windows users’ systems courtesy of a Microsoft-issued digital signature, according to security researchers with Bitdefender.

Recent Attack Uses Vulnerability on Confluence Server

In September, researchers observed numerous threat actors targeting this vulnerability whose goal was to download a malicious payload that would install a backdoor or miner in a user’s network.

Spectre v4.0: the speed of malware threats after the pandemics - Yoroi

While the first versions of this malware appeared in 2017, only during 2021 its developers heavily worked on the malware code. Three major version changes were observed just in the past few months.

Historic scientific notation bug foils WAF defenses

Security researchers have discovered that a historic vulnerability affecting both MySQL and MariaDB databases caused serious flaws for security technologies from Amazon Web Services.

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