Cyware Threat Intel Lake

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Cyware Threat Intel Lake (CTIL) will be launched
as a Cyware Community initiative in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

What’s the buzz around CTIL?

The cyber threat landscape is continually evolving with different threat actors, strains of malware and vulnerabilities emerging every day. Organizations are falling victim to attacks on a daily basis as attackers relentlessly up their game with new techniques and tools to efficiently exploit both devices and human weaknesses.

Security technology and tools are necessary to curtail intrusions and minimize risks. However, knowing your enemy, what they are up to and what they are after is a vital component to implementing a more advanced, resilient defensive architecture.

To address this knowledge gap, Cyware has built the largest online cyber threat intelligence database that covers every aspect of the cyber threat landscape - from threat actor database and malware database to vulnerability database and cyberattacks, incidents, and breaches.

Cyware Threat Intelligence Lake (CTIL) is a continually updated, consolidated cyber threat intelligence library offering anyone a searchable view of the entire threat landscape for both security researchers and analysts alike. CTIL encourages and facilitates the transfer of up-to-date threat intelligence for industry collaboration, multifaceted research and greater understanding of the cybersecurity ecosystem.

Threat Actor Database


Find detailed information on any hacker, cyber attack, malware or vulnerability within a single, interactive search platform.

Draw quicker correlations between threat actors, malware, vulnerabilities, threat methods and their respective campaigns across all targeted products, sectors and regions for enhanced, focused research and analysis.

Gain a deeper understanding of cybersecurity basics and detailed working knowledge of cyber intrusion methods, rising hackers in the space and countermeasures to protect yourself against them.

Monitor and follow the latest security incidents, hacking attacks and attempted infiltrations targeting people, websites, and organizations from around the world.

Gain access to our continuously updated malware database, threat actor database and vulnerability database to keep track of new and older security threats that could plague products, assets, computing systems or devices deployed within your ecosystem.

Leverage concise and relevant cyber intelligence, and connect the dots between seemingly unrelated vulnerabilities, malware, threat actors, products, assets and many more to find hidden patterns.

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