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International Conference on Wireless Communication and Sensor Networks 2021 (icWCSN)

icWCSN 2021 will be held during 23-25 January, 2021 in Dalian, China. It aims at a key theme on wireless communication and sensor networks. It is a great opportunity to get together and share ideas and knowledge among the Industry ... see more


Ringzer0 provides advanced, hands-on training designed for cybersecurity professionals. Our instructors are top industry experts who offer technical deep dives into a range of core issues, including vulnerability research, exploit ... see more

AFCEA TechNet Augusta 2021

TechNet Augusta 2021 gives participants the opportunity to examine and explore the intricacies of the cyber domain. With assistance from the U.S. Army Cyber Center of Excellence and industry experts, the conference is designed to ... see more

Detect and Track Security Attacks with NetWitness

Conducting forensic investigations into incidents is a crucial part of unearthing the details of security attacks. With the rise of security analytics tools, those investigations can provide excellent information about where an at ... see more

How BEC Threat Landscape is Evolving

This presentation will provide insight into how the BEC landscape has evolved in recent years. We will discuss how and why BEC attack types have evolved and look at how active defense tactics can help impact this growing cyber thr ... see more

Strategic IT Security Days 2021

At Strategic IT Security Days 2021, Computerworld is taking the temperature of the IT security landscape right now and going in depth with the latest trends, solutions and tools in the field. It is therefore about risk assessments ... see more

DevSecOps and Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) for Multi-Cloud Environments

This 1-day virtual conference will focus on DevSecOps and ZTA as foundational approaches in multi-cloud environments. They facilitate rapid secure application development, promote interoperability, and mitigate threats in a perime ... see more

ICT Trends 2021

Looking to 2021, the urgent will give way to the important: to maintain operations, resilience will be essential, and to attract income, opportunities will have to be sought through experimentation. The market will never be the sa ... see more

FutureCon Orange County CyberSecurity Conference

FutureCon Events brings high-level Cyber Security Training discovering cutting-edge security approaches, managing risk in the ever-changing threat of the cybersecurity workforce. Join us as we talk with a panel of C-level executi ... see more

Cyber Security For Critical Assests

Organisations are spending more than ever on cyber security, but cyber crime rates are still on the rise – particularly in Asia-Pacific. Providing the collaboration platform and expertise needed to revert this trend, the globally ... see more
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