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10th e-Crime & Cybersecurity Germany

The event will focus primarily on addressing industrial vulnerability. Germany is at the forefront of putting cyber-physical and advanced digital techniques into manufacturing and the entire value chain. While these technologies are drivers in Germany’s industrial success, they mean German firms in particular need the latest cyber-security solutions: 1) Building operation centres for global industrial security; 2) Maintaining continuous surveillance of industrial facilities around the world; 3) The best solutions for early risk detection and coordinated countermeasures. Attend the event to also understand the importance of employee awareness and engagement, such as: 1) How to automate and engineer out as many human decision points as possible; 2) Maximising employee engagement: turn liabilities into assets; 3) Cyber-security training: what works and what doesn’t? 4) What about dishonest insiders?

Key Information

Wednesday, January We, yyyy
Event Duration: 1 Days
Frankfurt Germany

10th e-Crime & Cybersecurity Germany | Conference

Wednesday, January We, yyyy

Frankfurt, Germany