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2nd Annual FINSEC 2018

Digital transformation in the BFSI industry has not only led to the rapid growth of fintech but is also disrupting the traditional banking system as we know it. While technology offers several opportunities and advantages, it also represents its fair share of security concerns and threats. Emerging channels, such as mobile banking, digital banking platforms, Internet of Things (IoT) etc., are being exploited by cyber criminals. Over the past few years, the BFSI industry in the Middle East has become one of the prime targets for highly sophisticated and targeted attacks. Topics to be covered: SECURING MOBILE BANKING PLATFORMS; ADAPTIVE AUTHENTICATION; REGULATORY COMPLIANCE; ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND MACHINE LEARNING; IOT SECURITY FRAMEWORK; PROTECTION AGAINST MALWARE ATTACKS.

Key Information

Monday, March Mo, yyyy
Event Duration: 2 Days
Dubai United Arab Emirates

2nd Annual FINSEC 2018 | Conference

Monday, March Mo, yyyy

Dubai, United Arab Emirates