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2nd ENISA Maritime Cybersecurity Conference

The ENISA Maritime Cybersecurity Conference will be a full-day event and will take place at EMSA's Headquarters in Lisbon, Portugal. The Conference will include presentations and discussions around the topic of cybersecurity in the maritime sector and is intended to bring again the maritime cybersecurity community together, further promote the dialogue between stakeholders across the sector and provide an opportunity to share good practices. Particular focus will be given on a number of topics: The policy and regulatory context for cybersecurity in the maritime sector The dynamics of the cyber threat landscape in maritime, particularly looking into what future challenges the digital evolution of the sector may bring Good practices for cybersecurity for the maritime sector with a focus on the development of cybersecurity programmes, information sharing and securing the supply chain

Key Information

Friday, October Fr, yyyy
Event Duration: 1 Days
Lisbon Portugal