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3rd IEEE Cyber Science and Technology Congress (CyberSciTech)

To address the emerging challenges, there is a need to establish new science and research portfolios that incorporate cyber-physical, cyber-social, and cyber-mental technologies together in a coherent manner to deliver the vision of Cyberspace. This is the aim of the IEEE Cyber Science and Technology Congress (CyberSciTech), which was successfully held first in Auckland (New Zealand) in 2016, and then in Orlando (USA) in 2017. IEEE CyberSciTech 2018 aims to continually offer a common platform for scientists, researchers, and engineers to share their latest ideas and to exchange the latest developments and outcomes in their research and technologies, with a broad scope of cyber-related science, technology, and application topics to understand and shape new cyber-enabled worlds.

Key Information

Sunday, August Su, yyyy
Event Duration: 4 Days
Athens Greece

3rd IEEE Cyber Science and Technology Congress (CyberSciTech) | Conference

Sunday, August Su, yyyy

Athens, Greece