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5th VDI Conference – Cyber Security for Vehicles

Join us at our 5th VDI Conference Cyber Security for Vehicles and discuss all of these topics with relevant international automotive security experts. It is time for the 5th international VDI conference Cyber Security for Vehicles and for an ongoing discussion on current trend issues. Digitization is stopping at nothing- Not even the automotive Industry. Like in many other industries these developments offer great opportunities to OEMS, suppliers and of course to the end users. Connecting the car with its environment or with other road users share the goals of enhancing the safety of mobility, improving traffic efficiency and satisfying the need for convenience. Nevertheless connected cars, the Internet of Things, digital services or the energy turnaround are unthinkable without maximum cyber security. We have to find ways to secure the driver in his personalized car and make sure that he won’t be exposed to the greatest risks which could mean being hacked.

Key Information

Tuesday, July Tu, yyyy
Event Duration: 2 Days
Dusseldorf Germany
Cost: € 1,790

5th VDI Conference – Cyber Security for Vehicles | Conference

Tuesday, July Tu, yyyy

Dusseldorf, Germany