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6th Annual Cyber Security for Energy & Utilities

The 6th edition of the highly-successful cyber security conference for energy and utilities, will gather heads of industry to create a platform to help detect and prevent cyber threats and develop a real-time response and recovery to identified threats. Why you should attend: 1) Find out enhanced ways of intrusion testing and detection to best defend against cyber threats. 2) Develop ways to mitigate high-operational costs for OT/IT integration and SOCs. 3) Develop a real-time incident response plan for cyber attacks to mitigate security breaches to your system. 4) Understand solutions needed to ensure compliance with government security regulations is met, particularly by the P4 deadline of NESA regulatory standard.

Key Information

Monday, September 11, 2017
Event Duration: 3 Days
Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

6th Annual Cyber Security for Energy & Utilities | Conference

Monday, September 11, 2017

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates