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8.8 Computer Security Conference REGIONAL SUR

8.8 Computer Security Conference is a 100% technical and academic event, whose main objective is to share information, democratize knowledge, and create community. It is the only conference of this type and one of the most recognized on the continent because it goes beyond theoretical aspects. Always in a colorful setting and with constant references to the world of pop culture. We are present in four countries and during the 9 years, the event received more than 9,000 attendees and 240 international exhibitors. 8.8 Legends – Computer Security Conference, seeks to be the most important milestone in our history since we are 10 years old. And despite everything that happens in the world, we want to contribute with what we know best to do and to celebrate these 10 years, we will make the largest and most important Hacker conference in Chile.

Key Information

Tuesday, June Tu, yyyy
Event Duration: 1 Days
Santiago Chile