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Blackpoint ReCON 2022

Much of the last couple of years has been reactionary. We say, not anymore. With Blackpoint Cyber in your corner, put knowledge into action to effectively sell security to your clients and take your business to new heights. Join the Blackpoint team for our second annual ReCON, where you will learn from cybersecurity experts about the threats we’ve seen, anticipated tactics our Adversary Pursuit Group (APG) is watching, and ways that you can bolster your defenses. When operating proactively, you’re able to maintain operations for all you protect, as well as elevate your business growth. We’re in the trenches on your behalf—let us connect you with industry leaders and share our insight so that you can become an authority in your own right for your clients. Threat intel surrounding data from past events leads to better-informed decisions, decisive action, tailored defenses, and wiser investments.

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