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Security BSides is the first grass roots, DIY, open security conference in the world! Security BSides is a great combination of two event styles: structured anchor events and grass-roots geocentric events. WhatToExpect? Pre-register: Each local event will provide a method for pre-registration, either directly on the site or using a free service like Event Brite. Your pre-registration helps the organizers better allocate space and estimate needs for materials like drinks, snacks, seating, and t-shirts; Bring a laptop: You need it. I need it. It's the natural extension of our body. It's also handy to write down notes and tweet about the event; Submit your topic or theme ideas: Each BSides will have a local event page. Regardless of event format, there will be a need for and opportunity to contribute ideas for event theme, along with other possible opportunities to propose talks (such as for a Structure or Hybrid event), and volunteer to help out.

Key Information

Saturday, May Sa, yyyy
Event Duration: 1 Days
New Orleans, Louisiana United States
Cost: $15

BSides NOLA | Conference

Saturday, May Sa, yyyy

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States