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BSides Pittsburgh 2017

There are a lot of people in Pittsburgh doing awesome things in the field; let's get them all together! BSidesPittsburgh is a volunteer-run computer security conference held in Pittsburgh annually. Security BSides is part of a global series of community-driven conferences presenting a wide range of information security topics from technical topics, such as dissecting network protocols, to policy issues such as managing information leakage via social networks. Pittsburgh has a flourishing information security community; this is a great chance to meet each other, share ideas and work together. Many of those professionals in Pittsburgh as well as nationally recognized experts are doing awesome things in the field; let's get together to learn, collaborate, and protect.

Key Information

Friday, June 09, 2017
Event Duration: 1 Days
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania United States
Cost: $5

BSides Pittsburgh 2017 | Conference

Friday, June 09, 2017

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States