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CircleCityCon 6.0

CircleCityCon is a security conference held in downtown Indianapolis. Our cons last years were big successes and we are only looking to grow and make it better. CircleCityCon is about the community. Our signature offering is the community led training classes offered to all participants. Events and contests are organized by members of the security community, including both CircleCityCon staffers and community partners. Three tracks, incredible entertainment, and technical villages help round out the CircleCityCom experience. Of course, don’t forget the chance to meet and talk with your peers about all topics including security, hacking, and the latest superhero movies.

Key Information

Friday, May Fr, yyyy
Event Duration: 3 Days
Indianapolis, Indiana United States

CircleCityCon 6.0 | Conference

Friday, May Fr, yyyy

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States