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CONFidence 2019

Share your most recent success, research, publication, discovery, investigation or solution on stage at CONFidence 2019. Our attendees made it clear saying they would like to see topics related to: web, malware, iot, pentests, cloud security, mobile, reverse engineering, forensic, etc. However, we’re not going to restrain you, so if you have something interesting to say on other topics, just hit us up with your application! What we need is your skills, experience, and knowledge. Share it during a presentation (45’).

Key Information

Monday, June Mo, yyyy 9:00 AM
Event Duration: 2 Days
Krakow Poland
Cost: 300,00 zł - 1 300,00 zł

CONFidence 2019 | Conference

Monday, June Mo, yyyy 9:00 AM

Krakow, Poland