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Cyber Research Conference Ireland

itag’s Cyber Research Conference Ireland (CRCI 2022) acts as a meeting point where researchers from academia, industry, research groups/centres, companies and public authorities working in the field of cybersecurity and related areas can exchange knowledge and experience with the shared goal of strengthening research and building networks in the field across the island of Ireland. The CRCI 2022 conference will accept high-quality regular research papers, as well as industrial papers promoting contributions to technology development, innovations, and implementations. Although the majority of participants at CRCI 2022 are expected to be currently based within the island of Ireland, submissions from outside Ireland are also welcome, provided that at least one of the authors was based on the island of Ireland at the time the research was conducted and/or the research was at least partially conducted within Ireland.

Key Information

Monday, April Mo, yyyy
Event Duration: 1 Days
Galway Ireland
Cost: € 70 - €175