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Cyber Security Asia 2021

Cybercrime is becoming a greater risk when doing businesses in Asia-Pacific as compared to North America and Europe. Rapidly growing connectivity and the accelerating pace of digital transformation expose the APAC region, and make it particularly vulnerable to cyber exploitation. Only in the last decade has cyber risk emerged as a real threat as the world becomes increasingly digitized. Cyber attacks are known to be low-cost yet capable of severe damages, while cyber adversaries are not limited by geographical boundaries. With its ever evolving nature, cyber risk has grown pervasive and dangerous, rendering it hard to combat. According to reports from World Economic Forum cyber attacks are ranked as the 6th most likely global risk over the next decade. The scope, scale and impact of cyber attacks have grown rapidly as cyber attacks were not considered a top 10 global risk till 2012. Stakeholders in APAC must recognize the urgency for change and embark towards cyber resiliency strategi

Key Information

Monday, October Mo, yyyy
Event Duration: 2 Days
Phnom Penh Cambodia